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Ford Crown Victoria "Hoonicop" Looks Ready for Officer Ken Block

It was 2008 when Gymkhana Practice hit YouTube, with Ken Block's slip angle stunts continuing to give drifting aficionados across the world reasons to dream ever since. Well, the time has come for the world to do the same for the hooner-in-chief. And this is precisely what the rendering sitting before us does, all with a Ford Crown Victoria flavor.
Ford Crown Victoria "Hoonicop" rendering 11 photos
While most of us are still stuck at home due to the global health crisis, digital artists, whose voice is louder than ever thanks to social media, are making the most out of this lockdown.

As such, a pixel master named Ash Thorp, who had already penned the next Batmobile, recently came up with the Hoonifox. Developed after countless chats with Block, this might just be the coolest Fox Body Mustang build to date (drag racing projects are in a class of their own, though), even if the said obstacles mean this Ford remains confined to the screen for now.

However, the project will be built - after all, that Gymkhana 11, or whatever adventure is around the corner, needs a machine around Block, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, the said project has inspired a similar one: meet the Hoonicop! Based on the good old Crown Vic, this rendering comes from digital artist Abimelec Arellano and makes for a carefully curated collection of details that have the power to set the Internet on fire.

Sure, we all expected such a Blue Oval machine to pack a light bar, a bull bar and an extra light on the driver's side. But even the last bit has been put into shenanigan-friendly context. To be more precise, this seems to replace the driver's side headlight, which, as the adrenaline junkies among you might have guessed by now, now serves as an air intake.

And yes, this was really necessary, since the engine compartment now accommodates the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500's Predator V8. Also offered as a crate engine in the real world, the supercharged mill ensures the pedal on the right controls 760 ponies and 625 lb-ft of twist.

Oh, and if that vented hood looks familiar, it's because its center section has also been borrowed from the GT500 (with Ford having given us the top view of the muscle monster as a teaser back in May 2018, this piece, which was clearly visible in the said pre-release pic, has a special place in our minds). Then again, the trunk lid is also vented, since the luggage compartment is now the land of fans and radiators.

The aero package of the vehicle seems only reasonable for the newfound purpose of the car. We're looking at wide arches, along with the front splitter, dive planes, rear fins (no wing here!) and diffuser. And while the said arches accommodate deep dish wheels shod in Toyo rubber, the machine hasn't been lowered all the way, since you never know when all that drifting requires a bit of a jump.

It seems that the rendering realm might have a new standard these days, with this machine coming in two different liveries (as the Hoonifox project has shown, an actual Gymkhana contraption would probably have to feature the sponsors' logos in full color).

And while Ken Block may or may not make such a build happen, the popularity of the Ford Crown Victoria seems to be on the rise, so we might just see this pixel work inspire a real-world project.

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Last week we saw @thehoonigans’, @kblock43’s and @ashthorp’s amazing Hoonifox, a Mustang Foxbody designed for Gymkhana ‘80s style. Ash’s design is great, and I love the fact that Gymkhana uses the car as a key element of the theme (in the case of the Foxbody, ‘80s theme). That has opened up the gates for amazing builds, like my personal favorite, the Hoonitruck. All this got me thinking about more posible Hooning machines- Have you ever wondered about how a Crown Vic built for Gymkhana would look like? Well, this is my rendition of that idea. Powered by a Predator 5.2, Satin black, gloss vinyls, wide wheels and of course, light bar and a spotlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hoonicop! . . This is just made for fun, and it is not official, nor related to the Hoonigans. Check out their amazing concept of the actual next Gymkhana car, the Hoonifox! . . . . . . . . #ford #performance #hoonicop #crown #victoria #p71 #interceptor #v8 #custom #supercharged #4door #cop #police #drift #awd #slides #gymkhana #3d #render

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