FLIP Adventure Bed Transforms Nearly Any Van Into Off-Grid Machine for Under $2K

The off-grid and mobile lifestyles are really taking off right now. However, most RVs, trailers, and mobile homes can cost a fortune to buy, let alone maintain. If you own a compact van, for under 2,000 USD, you'll unlock the most basic off-grid lifestyle.
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FLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure BedFLIP Adventure Bed
Folks, I'll just get right to it. What you're looking at is known as the FLIP Adventure Bed (FAB), an aftermarket addition to your van that isn't just affordable but looks like one of the easiest ways to transform your already existing vehicle into a mobile home for the weekend. Heck, some folks could push this construction even further than just a few days; I'll get to that shortly.

The minds behind FAB are none other than the team over at FLIP, a product design and manufacturing crew out of Slovenia. If you ever end up on their website, one clear thing is their love for the outdoors. Every product they manufacture is created with outdoor use in mind, and FAB is no different.

Now, what I found rather neat about FAB is its simplicity. With no more than one person, this off-grid habitat can be installed into nearly any compact van on the market. And when I say "nearly any," I really mean it. From a Citroen Berlingo to a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Opel Vivaro, and VW Touran and Transporter, all can be equipped with FAB. Ford Tourneo is an option too.

FLIP Adventure Bed
Depending on the van you own, the price for your FAB will differ. But, you're looking at prices starting at 1,390 EUR (1,568 USD at current exchange rates) to 1,590 EUR (1,793 USD at current exchange rates). Not bad at all to unlock the off-grid lifestyle.

Overall, FAB is set up on an aluminum frame. It's nothing complicated or flashy, just a simple platform that offers a level plane to set up a bed. It's here you'll arrange the cushions that FLIP offers with each FAB. Since the frame would require a solid surface so you don't sink through struts, FLIP integrates wooden panels into each cushion.

One feature that may be overlooked from the start is the large storage space revealed underneath. This space is suitable for all the gear you may need to bring along. All have room underneath the bed, from clothing to sports gear like fishing rods and tackle boxes.

FLIP Adventure Bed
While this setup doesn't include any features like a toilet or shower, a portable toilet is a feature that can be easily stored underneath. As for the shower, there are plenty of options on the market that'll do the trick for a few days. As for things like food and water, bring your favorite cooler and toss it under the bed.

Finally, imagine you've returned to civilization, and you need to start using your van for everyday purposes. All you have to do at this point is take FAB out, pull your seats back into position, and off you go as if nothing ever happened. If you want, you can even leave it in as it only occupies the cargo bay of your van. Still, need the space? Just take out the cushions and leave the frame inside.

Folks, let's face it, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy an extended weekend out in the wild, and the FLIP Adventure Bed proves this notion. Oh, in case you forgot, Christmas is coming up. Wink wink.


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