Offices Spaces Are So Yesterday, Here's the Tiny and IKEA-Like WorkPod

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Let's face it, working in an office environment can be pretty overwhelming. With this in mind, it's time to meet WorkPod, a portable, plug-and-play workspace that's seeking to redefine modern jobs.
Folks, anyone who's worked in an office environment knows the perils and pitfalls that we're exposed to. From noise that seems to drown out any thought you may have to uncomfortable desks and chairs, these are just a couple of the productivity killers that exist.

Since 2015, one team has changed the office space through research, innovation, and design. This crew is known as Autonomous. Ever since they hit the market with the SmartDesk, they've been on their way to stardom. Over the years, they've offered countless office products that are proven to boost productivity, and now, they've created an entire mobile environment that has it all.

Folks, meet the WorkPod, a workplace environment that's designed to offer the optimum conditions for crunching out that project you've been putting off. The way this is achieved is with a construction that's sound-insulated and features tons of glass to give you a view of the natural world around, the true source of inspiration. Best of all, you just need to bring your gear inside, plug it in, and get to work.

WorkPod Construction Process
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Now, WorkPod is a prefabricated and preconfigured building, so all you have to do once you've received your box-o-office is follow along with some IKEA-like instructions, and before you know it, you're set. Depending on the options and features you choose, each office will come in with a weight anywhere between 80 lbs (36.3 kg) and 160 lbs (72.5).

From here, you'll need to set this up yourself, or you can ask Autonomous to offer you a set of dedicated hands that'll get this construction set up in a jiffy. Considering that you'll need to also work on the foundation of the WorkPod before setting it in place, I recommend professional service for the longevity of your office.

If you're worried about the WorkPod being able to take the load of whatever it means for you to have your own office, don't be. This prefab office can handle 4 tons of evenly distributed weight. Excluding a home and vehicles, who the heck owns 4 tons of gear?

Best of all, the Pod is all-weather proof. If it's -60 Fahrenheit (-51 Celsius), you can seek shelter in this construction. Do you happen to live and work out in the Sonoran Desert? WorkPod can even handle weather as high as 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius). What more do you want?

Photo: Autonomous
So you have this puppy set up, great. Now what? Well, you'll need electricity, and to feed you the power you need, the WorkPod has a dedicated power cable that connects to an exterior port outside. However, there is no mention if this puppy can be connected to solar panels. Honestly, I think you can figure out a way to feed everything with nothing but the power of the sun.

Because the Pod is waiting to be optimized to your needs, you'll find slots and power outlets to feed your PC, sound system, and any gear you may be using for your project. Maybe you're a visual artist, and power is crucial. Don't worry, just get to work. Maybe you want to bring along a mini-fridge. Do it.

So, how much is this optimized workspace going to run you? Well, it depends on if you catch the sale that's going on or not. Right now, the WorkPod is running for 21,000 USD (18,556 EUR at current exchange rates). That's all you need to raise your productivity to a new level.

Since Christmas is coming up, why not invest in your already-existent abilities and raise your creativity to new heights. After all, you can set this puppy up in the woods, your backyard, by a lake, even a park, assuming you have the proper permits.

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