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Ferrari SUV Coming in 2019

The Ferrari of SUVs: next year, you should be able to say such a ridiculous thing or even buy it. The Iconic and relatively pure supercar brand has finally given into peer pressure and approved the development of an off-road.
Ferrari SUV rendering 1 photo
Back in 2016, when asked about the possibility of a Ferrari SUV, the FCA chief and chairman at the Maranello said: "You have to shoot me first."

He argued that Ferrari makes two-door sports cars, not SUVs or four-door ones. But something changed his mind. Could it be the success of the Bentayga or the recent launch of the Lamborghini Urus perhaps?

Well, the SUV mafia isn't going to put a price on Sergio's head. But he apparently told journalists at the Detroit Auto Show that Ferrari will indeed shake hands with the devil.

Not only that, but the model will be ready as early as 2019, or at least that's the story Auto Express is running with.

The Fiat Chrysler Alliance has a terrible track record when it comes to sticking to schedules, especially when high-performance vehicles are concerned. I mean, just look at Maserati, which was supposed to have about four extra cars by now. However, Ferrari runs kinda tight and usually delivers precisely what its very rich customers want.

Beyond that, there are a whole lot more questions than there are answers. Where will the platform for the Ferrari Utility Vehicle come from? We remember the scandal surrounding the Maserati SUV concept being based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which refused to go away for quite a while.

Not only that, but we have to wonder what kind of engines will be used. Despite having access to some of the best V10 and V12 units in the world, Lamborghini chose a twin-turbo V8 for its Urus, due to the torque demands of a heavy vehicle. Will Ferrari do the same, perhaps using the powertrain from the GTC4Lusso T?


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