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Fake Subaru WRX STI Is Actually An Audi

Have you ever wanted car so badly that you decided to turn your actual vehicle into it? Well, we know a lot of stories of the sort that started out with a Pontiac Fiero and ended up with a faux Prancing Horse badge. However, the tale we have here is a bit different.
Subaru WRX STI wing on Audi 1 photo
You see, this adventure involves a Subari WRX STI... but it's not an actual one. This is more of an STI rear wing fixed to the roof of an Audi A6.

When it was new, this German saloon was more expensive than the Scoobie, but it seems the owner doesn't care about all that. Instead, the gear head figured he could just home-brew his rally-bred toy.

However, we all know the Subaru interior isn't quite up th the coziness job and this is where the Audi cabin quality comes into play.

In fact, we can't think of a pair of Volkswagen Group machines that wasn't exactly what it seemed. It's just that these two vehicles came with Bugatti badges and one of the them sold for $18.7 million, thus becoming the world's most expensive new car.

This is a bit of a far stretch, but stick with us, as we'll deliver all the details. We're refering to the Bugatti Divo and the La Voiture Noire. You see, the deliveries for the first aren't scheduled to kick off until next year, while the rumor mill talks about Molsheim completing its crown jewel in 2022.

As such, the show cars that greeted us at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month didn't exactly drive around under the power of Bugatti's all-mighty W16 engine.

So instead of the quad-turbo, 8-liter mill, it was an electric motor that provided the motivation, in a move that's not new for auto show cars, be they Bugattis or not.


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