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Doug DeMuro Says That the HUMMER EV Prototype Might Be the King of the Road

This might only be a prototype of what the production Hummer EV will be, but Doug is quite impressed. Despite its insane price tag, the Hummer seems like it's going to offer unheard-of luxury, off-road capability, power, and environmental friendless not found anywhere else.
Hummer EV and Doug DeMuro 6 photos
Hummer EV and Doug DeMuroHummer EV and Doug DeMuroHummer EV and Doug DeMuroHummer EV and Doug DeMuroHummer EV and Doug DeMuro
The Rivian R1T is an incredible truck, but there's one big difference between it and the Hummer EV (aside from about $40,000). And that's space. The R1T is actually pretty small for a truck. The Hummer is not.

That space is a very important part of its character. It's accented by lovely little additions like the removable four-panel roof too. Doug even demonstrates how easy it is to remove the roof and reminds us that those panels can be safely stored in the front trunk.

Going into spaces unknown is also a part of the Hummer. DeMuro shows off the mode selector, which goes so far as to show a short video of the Hummer entering whatever terrain you've selected. It even has a quippy little blurb about the mode to remind drivers what each is for.

Did we mention that there are 18 different cameras on the new Hummer? There's even a built-in lens cleaner for the under-body one. The off-road package in the Hummer is really incredible, including the programmable auxiliary buttons for additional aftermarket kits you might add after purchase.

Of course, Doug shows off Crab-Walk as well, which is as odd-looking as he says it is to experience. It also has 16-inches of ground clearance which is incredible. What's perhaps best about the Hummer is that it seems like it'll be just as good on-road.

Doug says that it feels like one of the most modern vehicles he's been in. He says that even on a dirt road, it's very smooth too. It's fast as well. "It really takes off," he says. That's the X-factor in many ways. It's going to be good off-road, and it's big enough that it's going to be comfortable. Adding speed is just one more unusual quality.


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