Doug DeMuro Awe Struck by New Ferrari Monza SP1, a Life Sized $2 Million Hot Wheels Toy

Doug DeMuro and Ferrari Monza SP1 12 photos
Photo: Doug DeMuro
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The Ferrari Monza SP1 is a car you would assume would only exist in whichever Hot Wheels cartoon is popular at the time. Fitting, as it looks like something you'd see the Acceleracers driving around in. But for those who didn't grow up on Hot Wheels cartoons (we pitty all of those), Doug DeMuro's recent review did it much better justice.
Based on the Ferrari 812 and sporting one of the very last naturally aspirated V12 engines in history, this non-road-legal hypercar exists for one purpose, to be the ultimate gentleman/lady's racer. A car that only has one working seat and yet has a trunk big enough for two sets of bags and a working passenger-side door for a car without a passenger seat.

This is because the SP1 shares a platform with the two-seater SP2 special edition Ferrari. One can only assume even Ferrari couldn't justify spending the king's share for a bespoke two-seater version of a $2 million car that only has a single seat. Everyone has their limits. But in fairness, Papa Doug is quick to point out how said limits don't apply to the quality of the interior.

Anyone courteous to install an air conditioning system in a car that doesn't have a windscreen is a touch of thoughtfulness that is no less appreciated while ridiculous in practice, is appreciated. For the scarcity of cabin space available in the Monza SP1, Ferrari does at least trim it with enough technology and creature comforts to meet the demands that modern hypercar owners demand.

But because the Monza SP1 isn't road legal in North America or Europe, the only people who would have any use for it are ultra-wealthy people with consistent access to a race track, pit crew, and enough other racers driving cars of equal or greater lunacy. To say this car is the embodiment of the top 1% would be an understatement. At least we get to see Doug DeMuro look ridiculous in a racing helmet for the troubles.

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