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Dodge Demon Drag Races Nitrous Hellcat, All Hell Breaks Loose

There are two types of Dodge Challenger Hellcat drivers out there and we're talking about the relationship to the Demon here. We have those who get frightened when coming across the 840 hp beast that is the latter and those who can't wait to race the thing thanks to their custom setups.
Dodge Demon Drag Races Nitrous Hellcat 4 photos
Dodge Demon Drag Races Nitrous HellcatDodge Demon Drag Races Nitrous HellcatDodge Demon Drag Races Nitrous Hellcat
We're here to bring you an example of the latter category, one that involves a Demon duking it out with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat sipping nitrous.

Fortunately, the owner of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat delivers a walkaround in the clip, talking about the mods fitted to his machine.

And if we go past the upper pulley upgrade and the nitrous shot, which bring the blown 6.2-liter V8 past the 1,000 hp border, we notice that the machine has also been helped with putting that muscle to the road.

To be more precise, the suspension has been tuned, while the machine has been gifted with a 15-inch wheel conversion and obviously features the kind of tires that favor explosive launches (think: Mickey Thompson).

The two Mopar animals we're discussing duked it out on more that one occasion, with both drivers being determined to grab the win. Fortunately, the piece of footage documenting the brawl also includes the timeslips, so you'll easily be able to notice the details of each car's sprinting, from who grabbed the initial phases of the races, from who reached the quarter-mile point first.

The driver of the Demon, who is also the YouTuber behind this clip, also talks about how he changed his launching technique throughout the day of drag racing - one shouldn't think that getting the Demon off the line is that simple.

P.S.: You'll find first battle involving the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the nitrous-fed Challenger Hellcat at the 3:40 point of the video below.

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