Ferrari 488 GTB Drag Races Lamborghini Aventador, Schooling Ensues

Back in the days when Ferrari was still entirely committed to naturally aspirated motors, the 458 wasn't exactly an aficionado's first choice when it came to a drag race. However, now that the 488 has marked the Prancing Horse's twin-turbo return, things have obviously changed. So, how well does the forced-fed Fezza behave in a real-life sprinting situation?
Ferrari 488 GTB Drag Races Lamborghini Aventador 4 photos
Ferrari 488 GTB Drag Races Lamborghini AventadorFerrari 488 GTB Drag Races Lamborghini AventadorFerrari 488 GTB Drag Races Lamborghini Aventador
We can answer that question with the help of a drag race that sees the 488 GTB duking it out with a Lamborghini Aventador. We're talking about the standard (if we may call it so) pre-revamp incarnation of the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine here.

The 670 hp Ferrari and the 700 hp Lamborghini got together on an airfield in Sweden, with the drivers of the supercars having all the space in the world at their disposal.

Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that the Aventador is dominated by the Fezza if we also factor in the scale footprint of the mid-engined delights (think: 2.8 vs. 2.5 kg per hp).

As far as the torque is concerned, turbocharging allows the 3.9-liter V8 of the Maranello machine to leave the atmospheric 6.5-liter V12 of the Lamborghini behind, since we're looking at 760 vs 690 Nm.

Of course, the numbers mentioned above are worth nothing without asphalt proof and we can mention that the race has a clear winner.

And while a standing start would've obviously favored the all-paw Raging Bull, the race we're talking about involved a rolling takeoff.

As for the aural side of the race, the winner is extremely easy to determine (come to think of it, Lamborghini is currently the only major supercar builder that remains fully dedicated to atmospheric engines).

Fortunately, the Aventador was used as the camera car, so the decibel side of the battle is just as enticing as the visual one. So you'd better turn up the volume before reaching for that "play" button.

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