Dodge Demon Drag Races Dodge Demon, All Hell Breaks Loose

While Dodge Demon owners are still engaged in the journey to the 9.65s quarter-mile run (this is the official 1,320-foot time of the muscle beast), the process delivers tons of velocity adventures and we can now talk about a fresh one. This time around, the SRT halo car doesn't fight another muscle car or a supercar. Instead, the Challenger Demon gets to duke it out with another one of its kind.
Dodge Demon Drag Races Dodge Demon 6 photos
Dodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag Race
That's right folks, this is a Demon vs. Demon drag race. To be more precise, we're talking about a good old quarter-mile brawl and since the drivers decided to keep things on the safe side and use the drag strip, not the street, they also benefited from the prepped surface of the track.

In fact, you'll get to see a strip specialist talking about the way in which the track's surface is improved at the 5:09 point of the video documenting the race. As for the battle itself, this awaits you at the 11:00 point of the clip.

The said specialist also talks about having witnessed the 9.65s official quarter-mile run of the Dodge Challenger Demon, which has yet to be achieved - stock examples of the car have only delivered 9.9s runs to date. The man claims that the current temperatures are simply too high for the 840 hp beast to hit its target, so we'll probably have to wait until this fall to find out more.

Meanwhile, there are already Demon owners out there who have taken their Mopar beasts down the aftermarket path. And the quarter-mile record for such a car sits at 9.13 seconds, having been set by Hennessey Performance, who took the machine to 1,000 hp.

Of course, this has created sky-high expectations, which involved modded examples of the Demon stepping into 8s territory. And we can't wait to see that happening.

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