Dodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag Race Brings a Surprise

Earlier today, we talked about the kind of giggles that can result from a drag race involving a pair of Dodge Demons. Well, here we are, bringing you another Demon vs. Demon quarter-mile battle. Nevertheless, the battle that brought us here has something special.
Dodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag Race 4 photos
Dodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag RaceDodge Demon vs. Dodge Demon Drag Race
To be more precise, one of the Mopar machines involved in this battle came in Demon Crate trim, packing the race gas ECU and therefore delivering 840 hp. As for the other beast, this didn't pack the Demon crate, which meant it delivered 808 hp.

And while both muscle cars skipped the skinny front tires, the 808 hp monster came with the factory Nitto rear tires, while the 840 hp fighter dropped these in favor of Hoosier slicks.

The two SRT halo cars actually raced on two separate occasions, with the aficionados behind the wheel being eager to make sure that the conclusion is relevant.

Nevertheless, as you'll notice in the piece of footage documenting the battle, the quarter-mile difference between the two wasn't exactly what one might expect.

Now, you'll notice that the video talks about the 808 hp model having duked it out with a Jaguar F-Type SVR. Well, in case you missed it, here's that race.

We'll remind you that the Dodge Demon world might be a small place, since the carmaker is only producing 3,300 units of the thing, but this can be split into two camps.

The first involves owners who are still waiting for the summer to pass, hoping that the cool weather will help them achieve the 9.65s 1/4-mile time promised by Dodge.

As for the second, this includes drivers who have already chosen the aftermarket way. So far, the Demon has been taken to 1,000 ponies.

And, as you can expect, this has led to sweet quarter-mile times, with the current world record sitting at 9.13 seconds.

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