Dodge Demon Drag Races 1978 Camaro Sleeper, The Struggle Is Brutal

When Dodge introduced the Demon, the Mopar toy landed as the world's quickest production car, thanks to an official quarter-mile time of 9.65 seconds. So, as you can imagine, once the uber-Challenger hits the drag strip, there are plenty of tuner cars that take on it.
Dodge Demon Drag Races 1978 Camaro Sleeper 4 photos
Dodge Demon Drag Races 1978 Camaro SleeperDodge Demon Drag Races 1978 Camaro SleeperDodge Demon Drag Races 1978 Camaro Sleeper
A recent example of this comes from a drag race that saw a Demon duking it out with a Camaro. And we're not just talking about your current showroom Chevy here. Instead, this Camaro came to the world back in 1978.

However, the current owners of the car enjoy the beast in restomod form. To be more precise, the engine compartment of the retro toy is now occupied by an LS3.

As the standard engine in the fifth-gen Camaro, the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 is quite muscular. However, if you're looking for drag strip glory, you might want to touch it with the aftermarket wand.

And it seems this is case with the build we have here - according to the YouTuber who caught the whole thing on came, the Chevrolet now allows its driver to play with around 700 ponies.

Of course, given the looks of the Chevrolet Camaro, its newfound muscle means this deserves the sleeper label, which only makes the muscle toy even more interesting.

When it comes to the Demon, this hasn't been taken to the gym. However, using the goodies from the Demon crate, the Mopar toy packs a meaty 840 horsepower.

Of course, the scale footprint difference between the two slabs of America is massive. So while the Demon weighs in at around lbs, the Camaro sits at 3,000 lbs.
If you wish to avoid spoilers, please stop reading at this point, okay?
Since the video portraying the quarter-mile brawl doesn't allow us to check out the numbers delivered by the two machines, we'll have to drop them here - according to the cammer, the Demon played the game in 9.89 seconds, while the Camaro did it in 10.2 seconds.

As for the starting line shenanigan, the Camaro reportedly ran a red light.

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