Dodge Challenger Hellcat Gets "Cars" Makeover, Looks Almost Cute

A simple glance at the Dodge Challenger, be it a Hellcat or not, is enough to convince one that this machine can't be put into the same sentence with "cute". However, a pixel label has come up with a way of changing the said status of the Mopar animal.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Cars makeover 4 photos
Dodge Challenger Hellcat Cars makeoverDodge Challenger HellcatDodge Challenger Hellcat
To be more precise, the 707-pony Dodge was brought to the rendering realm, where it was given the adjustments required to make it a part of the Cars series - sure, the Disney Pixar animation has its fair share of muscle, but this Hellcat is something else.

The resulting art not only portrays the Challenger in the said form, but also includes a "box" that might just convince one this is a scale model.

Most, if not all the rides that the said label converts into Cars characters are modded in real life and this is also the case with the slab of America that brought us here.

The big coup actually spends its days in the United Arab Emirates and has received its fair share of mods, at least on a visual level.

In fact, you'll be able to see the real deal in the image gallery below - the list of goodies includes an air suspension that allows the driver to play with the ride height as desired, a widebody kit, a generous front lip, and a noticeable boot lid spoiler, along with a diffuser.

As expected, the Instagram account we're looking at also involves Cars-ified machines belonging to other genres. And you'll be able to enjoy two examples below - this is the kind of duo you might just see at the drag strip, namely a Lamborghini Aventador and a Honda Civic.

PS: While we're talking independent renderings related to Cars characters, here's the modern Hemi Cuda "Snot Rod" we discussed earlier this week.


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