Dar Superyacht Stands Tall: Nearly the Size of a Football Field and Born of Russian Money

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Photo: Oceanco
This next one might seem like old news to some of us, but for those of us who don't know much about yachts, the Dar is one of the most notable machines you can feast your eyes upon. This is part of its story.
Folks, the Dar is a ship that was launched several years ago, in 2018, but its level of luxury and extravagance still ranks it as one of the world's wildest engineering feats. Heck, it's nearly the size of a football field, topping the scales at an even 90 m (295 ft). Balance those checkbooks, gather the family council, and let's explore this modern marvel because, guess what, it's available for charter for a cool €1.2M ($1.3M at current exchange rates) a week.

As for who owns this floating gem and the hands that brought the dream to life, the news is that it's linked to Russian Billionaire Ziyad al Manasir. Again, Russian money is responsible for this behemoth. If you're curious as to how his money was made, it was mainly through a construction company.

But, yet another big name is mixed into Dar's story, none other than Oceanco, and if this name sounds familiar, it's because they're known for building some of the world's most daring projects, often receiving countless awards and acknowledgments for their work.

Photo: Oceanco
Now, ships like these are rarely the work of one team alone, and the exterior we see is actually from the mind of one Luiz De Basto, who took inspiration from sharks to give the Dar its sea-worthy look, in particular, the hammerhead shark. I personally can't see it, but it may have to do with the way the superstructure extends beyond the hull's beam.

Then again, the whole hammerhead deal may just be because of one neat little trick the Dar has up its sleeve. If you're ever a guest on this ship, a couple of sections of the rear of the hull unfold to offer access into the ship's toy garage, a space you're bound to be accessing countless times during your stay; the Dar has one of the most impressive toy lineups I've ever seen!

For example, within those 295 ft lies not one, not two, but three tenders with which you can explore the local scenery or simply take an intimate trip out into the middle of the sea. From here, it's onto around six or seven jet skis, five Seabobs, kayaks, SUP boards, scuba gear, snorkeling gear, and boards of every other kind you can think of.

Photo: Oceanco
But my absolute favorite is the fact that Dar places a whole bunch of filming gear at its guest's disposal, including drones, some to be used underwater. Then there are things like waterslides and even some inflatable towable from Jobe. Listen, the list is much longer than this, so give old Northrop & Johnson a call and dive deeper.

Toys and mini versions of the Dar itself aside, this ship is also revered for its expansive and absolutely stunning exterior lounges, crafted from the industry's finest materials and aimed at those of us who just want to lounge around, soak up the sun, and relax in the presence of their loved ones. All the while features like a jacuzzi, pool, and beach club are at our fingertips.

Yet, this isn't the end of the Dar's magic. Inside this wonder lie countless rooms and spaces that have been crafted specifically for the Dar and the Dar alone. Some notable areas you might want to explore are the beautifully equipped gym, spa center, absolutely flawless lounges and dining halls, and incredible staterooms.

As for my tastes, I pictured myself waking up in that bright stateroom with a walk-out onto the deck, soaking up warm bubbles after a long day of doing nothing, being pampered by artists who have been kneading bones and muscles for years, and let's not forget the all-important bonding and family time, best served over a warm meal in dining halls I've only seen in movies.

Photo: Oceanco
Heck, even if I wasn't the owner of this ship or privy to a stay in the master bedroom, I still wouldn't mind. Guest rooms are just as luxurious as the rest of the Dar, with the only downside being just a tad less space. The whole floating bed look is a part of nearly every guestroom, and so is the perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting.

Now, this isn't the end of Dar's story, but for the remainder of our time together, I urge you to take one last long look at the images in the gallery and then place yourself in the middle of all the action. Go ahead; get that professional massage, relax in the sauna, dip your torso in the jacuzzi, dive into the local seas, and even take a helicopter ride, all the while pampered by a crew of 31. Okay, 30, because all the captain will be doing is navigating you safely about international waters.

Is this worth the $1.3M a week? Well, it all depends on who you ask. However, let me ask you this: have you done the math? Dar is suitable for up to 12 guests, and that means a tad over $100K per person per week. For a once in a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Sign me up! Just let me sell my house first.

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