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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
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Rarely do folks like myself ever have the money to spend on a superyacht. Luckily for us, we don't need millions of dollars to get a feel for how some of the world's wealthiest live their lives; superyacht charters are a thing these days, and the Noroader is one of the babies we can live a lavish life upon, if only for one week at a time.
Ladies and gentlemen, just because something costs millions of dollars doesn't mean you can't experience the thrill for less. Heck, you can arrange a test drive of some of the world's most expensive cars. When it comes to superyachts, charters are our option.

One machine available for you and up to nine other guests is the Noroader, 115.5 feet (35 m) of majestic floating space. Oh, and if it looks vaguely similar to other vessels you've seen on our website, it's because it's crafted by none other than Sunseeker, a crew whose work we've covered on several occasions.

Now, being a charter, folks like you and me are being asked to drop no less than €140K ($150K at current exchange rates) during the low season for a one-week stay aboard this beauty (any incurred expenses not included). This means that with around $15K each, ten people can experience sunbathing in forgotten bays, swimming in shark-infested waters, relaxing on expansive decks, and dining and connecting indoors, not to mention getting some of the best sleep in your life. Yup, it's the motion of the ocean, all right.

So, what the heck do we unlock for this sort of cash? Well, I want you to imagine that you're sitting around in some port, wearing your finest Sunday clothes, and waiting on a tender. As the sun nears the horizon, you're picked up in a tender, resembling the dream you're about to board, and off you go.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
A few minutes later, you approach what will become your floating dreamscape for the next few days. In the setting sun, the white hull of Noroader appears to have an orange hue, only to be disrupted by the countless sections of glass hiding lavish and modern cigar-lounge style interiors.

Behind the ship now, it's time to climb out of the tender with the help of a crew member, and suddenly, you're standing on a floating kingdom in the middle of the beach club. Music is heard in the background, and after seeing a familiar face or two, you ease into a more relaxed state of mind, the precise feeling you'll be experiencing for the next few days, the yachting way of life.

Once on the main deck, you're basically free to run around however you please because from here, you can lounge around outside, head indoors, or even up to the sun deck. However, my favorite place is at the front of the Noroader, where a two-section lounge awaits a couple of sun-loving lizards, hungry or thirsty sea lovers, and anyone looking to take a dip in a jacuzzi.

Another area where you're sure to be able to snap some Instagram-worthy images is on the sun deck I mentioned. Here, part of the superstructure rises above you and your guests, and the exposed sections are sure to have light dancing all over the place, which is bound to look fabulous reflecting off the teak flooring, fabric furnishing, and semiprecious metals.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
The front of this deck includes access to the wheelhouse, the center is used for lounging, and the rear, well, it's the rear I'm mad about. Sure, it may not look like much, but those two intimate pods we see will offer views unmatched by landlocked vehicles. Take a moment and picture yourself hanging out here with your loved ones and snap a photo of the setting sun and rising moon.

Once you're done daydreaming, let's explore the main deck. Upon seeing this space for the first time, I couldn't help but fall in love with the balance between color, textures, and temperatures. For example, the dining hall is signaled with dark tones of leather, metals, and wood, while the lounge beyond it is the opposite, with bright leather furniture and carpeting to match.

However, a funny thing happened upon picturing myself sitting around in this space. I was transported to a scene the likes of those depicted in James Bond movies, and I was with a Martini in hand (not my favorite drink) and a cigar waiting to be cut and lit. But, this one's all leisure, so no villains today, just good simple living. Take a sip, take a puff, and enjoy the view of the world around you.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
For the next couple of hours, you mingle with the guests more, and eventually, everyone will retire to beautifully crafted staterooms with matching cues. My favorite of all is the whole floating bed effect, achieved with strips of LED lighting all around the frame. A similar effect is used to light up the room, and in between, there's you. Pick a room and rest up.

Now, the next day to days, all of your time will be spent moving from one bay to the next, riding around on jet skis and sea bobs, or just taking out the tender for a spin. Want something a tad more relaxing? How about a couple of SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboards) or snorkeling gear? There is a gym too, in case swimming isn't your sport. A few other features join the mix, but for anything else, talk to the brokers over at Northrop & Johnson and go from there.

At the end of the day, it doesn't take millions just to taste the millionaire lifestyle, and honestly, if you take two low-budget summer vacations, the third can be spent on a ravishing machine the likes of the Noroader. Maybe we've been looking at the whole millionaire thing all wrong.
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