Cybertruck 16x16 Transporting Normal Cybertruck Looks Epic

Cybertruck 16x16 Transporting Normal Cybertruck Looks Funny 3 photos
Photo: flathat3d on Instagram
Cybertruck 16x16 Transporting Normal Cybertruck Looks EpicCybertruck 16x16 Transporting Normal Cybertruck Looks Epic
A few years back, Mercedes made a car called the "Squared." Well, it wasn't really called that, but that's how they referred to the lifted version of the G550, a $200,000 limited edition.
It wasn't really square either, not like the Tesla truck revealed a couple of years back. We've seen plenty of renderings based on that, too many in fact, but the one recently posted by flathat3d is one of the most original.

He calls it the Cybertruck 16x16, which is an obvious nod to the other important G-Class based edition, the G63 6x6. Where that came with three axles, this crazy contraption gets eight. This is something a Saudi prince would like. Well, we like it too, but buying one is an entirely different story.

6x6 renderings used to be really popular a couple of years back. But why stop at that relatively low number when the only limiting factor is the computing power of your rendering tech. From the looks of things, the artist's new car started out by scaling up the classic Cybertruck, after which a different body kit was grafted.

The back extends endlessly, making you wonder what kind of use people might get out of 16 wheels. In this case, it's carrying another Cybertruck, but any old car trailer can do that even better. Instead, we want to suggest specialist jobs like slow, delicate transportation of aircraft components or turbine blades, maybe even a house.

Let's not forget that besides changing the world of automobiles, Elon's other big hobby is space exploration. Wouldn't the Cybertruck be perfect for a mini rocket or the satellite it needs to carry? The angular bodywork would somehow seem more fitting in that scenario. Of course, the piece of art where it's carrying a Roadster is nice too. If this is your kind of thing, stay glued to this link, as we should have plenty more renderings until the real deal gets launched.

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