BULLILOVEstories: VW Bulli Owners Tell Their Stories

VW has launched the BULLILOVEstories series that tells the stories of VW Bulli owners around the world.
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The VW Bulli is as much a cult object as the VW Beetle or Fiat 500. The launch of the electric version of VW ID.Buzz takes the Bulli legend further. VWCV Head of Communications Christian Schluter decided to find out more about the community of VW Bulli owners and set off on a journey of over 35,000 km (nearly 21,800 miles) to 20 countries in Europe and the U.S. to meet classic VW Bulli owners.

And he uniquely did this, at the wheel of his VW ID. Buzz, in which he traveled for 104 days and slept 87 nights. The VW ID. Buzz with which the VW representative traveled had as optional equipment a compressor cool box, QUQUQ-box (rear kitchen with bed construction), and tinted side windows.

The first VW Bulli fan he visited was Martin Duss, who lives in Switzerland with his wife and two children. He owns a 1974 VW "Edi" T2, which he and his family regularly take on holiday. But it's not the only Bulli he owns. In his garage, there are several other VW Bulli collector models.

At the end of the meeting with Martin, the head of communications at VWCV asked him if he considered the new ID.Buzz to be a member of the Bulli family. And Martin answered very honestly, "Certainly, more than a little bit." You can watch Martin's story on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

From now until June 23-25, 2023, when the VW Bus Festival takes place in Hannover, a video will be posted every week with a fan and his Bulli. The fans Christian visited are of different ages, between 19 and 80 years old, and from all walks of life. The VW Bus Festival will bring together 6,000 VW Bulli units and over 100,000 participants.

With this action, VW wants to see if the new ID. Buzz retains the traditional qualities of the Bulli and whether fans of this vehicle find the electric equivalent of the Bulli just as suitable to ride and sleep in.

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