Brooklyn Prostitute Steals Corrections Officer’s Car, Establishes M.O.

Taquanna Lawton from Brooklyn, New York, knows what she wants and what she wants is a cop’s car. For the second time in under a year, the 20-year-old hooker has been arrested on car theft charges, after she drove off in a cop’s car, the New York Post reports.
Taquanna Lawton loves stealing cops' cars, is back in custody because of it 11 photos
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In doing so, she established her M.O.

In October last year, Lawton was arrested after she tricked an officer into getting out of his Jeep Wrangler to withdraw cash, leaving the keys in the ignition (and his gun inside). He needed the cash for a menage a trois she had promised him, the report notes.

She’s back to her old tricks, because she is back in custody. This time, her victim is Ezra Lewis, a 28-year-old Corrections officer from Queens, who had agreed to give her a ride in his 2005 Infiniti. The criminal complaint doesn’t mention the kind of relation Lewis had with Lawton, but he too got carjacked when he stepped out of the vehicle to get some cash from an ATM.

“He left the car idling – with the keys in the ignition and his weapon and uniform in a bag inside the car – when Lawton jumped behind the wheel and zoomed off,” the Post reports. “Lawton then drove the car to meet up with her cousin and the pair raided the vehicle, making off with the officer’s stuff, according to cops. She was was busted inside Lewis’s car in East New York. Lewis also told cops she was hauling crack and a switchblade in her purse.”

The NYPD is yet to say whether they have recovered the officer’s gun. In the previous case, they never did get the weapon back and Lawton insisted she’d never seen it, much less steal it.

Lawton was arraigned and has had bail set at $10,000 bond or $5,000 cash. The NYPD is yet to comment on the incident, but an internal investigation is underway, reports note.


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