BLOXS Is a Luxurious Modular Tiny Home German Brand That Will Soon Come to the U.S.

We have all heard about how expensive some houses can get. Even more, if we think of the ones in large cities. If you want a house made from scratch, then that might be even more expensive, and let’s not talk about how long it would take to move in. Prefab houses are trending right now and for a good reason. They are manufactured at the builder’s location and are ready to be delivered in no time to your place. It is also much easier to move when you can take your house with you.
BLOXS luxurious modular tiny home 16 photos
Photo: BLOXS
BLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny homeBLOXS luxurious modular tiny home
BLOXS is a company located in Germany and managed by just five people. They currently offer five models of modular houses. Currently, they mostly sell in Germany but transportation to other European countries can be arranged. They are planning to expand to the U.S. and Canadian markets at the end of 2024, so there is plenty of time to think of which model you would enjoy most.

The houses are 99% finished before being delivered by a truck to your location with only the infrastructure needed to finish the whole dwelling. This process takes only a few hours and you can live inside it on the same day it was delivered.

Thomas Schulz has worked before in the automotive industry. He has enough experience with working with different materials and thought of creating a premium modular house brand. The houses are built by German standards with high-quality materials.

The house presented by Thomas is a prototype from 2021. It is welded on a steel frame, which is quite a downside. The weather influences the temperature inside a lot, due to the exterior materials that were used. Starting with 2022, the steel frame was changed to CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) which lasts longer but is more expensive. The CLT is just a big wood panel with holes made for windows and doors. The exterior is illuminated by LED strings placed on the front side of the house.

BLOXS luxurious modular tiny home
Photo: BLOXS
There are a lot of amazing features that you might find inside these prefab homes. The heating system is quite complex. The main source is floor heating, which is made of carbon infrared floor mats and can be controlled with a smartphone but the house can choose the temperature itself. The second heating source is a solar air collector on the roof, which collects the hot air from the outside and brings it inside. The third way of heating is the usual air conditioning.

For the off-grid system, houses can come with solar panels. The price for these panels depends on the size of the house and starts from €18,450 ($19,823). There is also an EV charging system that is connected to solar panels and can easily charge your car at home. Talking about extras, at the owner’s request, many additions can be made, including ambiance ceiling lighting, and more furniture to name a few.

Inside the BLOXS living 30, we find a luxurious and sophisticated interior design that is also quite welcoming. This model measures 29.5 ft (9 m) in length, 11.3 ft (3.4 m) in width, and 10.5 ft (3.2 m) in height, and in total the space inside is about 260 sq ft (24 sq m)

At a first sight, it looks like a small apartment with a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a dining area that can also be used as a sleeping room, and a hidden technical room in the backside.

BLOXS luxurious modular tiny home
Photo: BLOXS
The kitchen is 6.5 ft (2 m) long and for that reason, it is quite tiny. Nonetheless, the size does not mean it is not fully functional. It comes with an oven with a built-in microwave, a fridge underneath, a small sink, a dishwasher, and an induction cooking plate.

Behind the kitchen wall is the bathroom. Like everything in this tiny home, it is also teensy-weensy. But the builder managed to fit a shower cabin, a sink, a long mirror with lights, and a toilet.

As you might have guessed, this truly tiny home is perfect for a single person or a couple. But you can also impress your guests with not one but two Murphy beds. One of the beds is located in the living room behind the couch. It transforms automatically and pushed the back of the couch down to make space for a large bed. The second bed is placed in a location no one would even think of. In the dinette area, you only have to get rid of the chairs not the table, too. You can leave the plates on the table but not the tall glasses. With the push of a button, the bed comes out slowly and pushes the table underneath. Both beds are secured in place, so nothing will happen accidentally.

BLOXS luxurious modular tiny home
Photo: BLOXS
The price of these houses is quite expensive with the smallest model costing about €150,000 ($161,167) and a larger model starting at around €300,000 ($322,335). These prices are close to normal houses. But they come with everything inside, including furniture. Something we do not quite see in the standard homes is the off-grid system and EV charging and if someone decides to add those, it might cost a lot more than these modular ones.

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