Make Way for Big Mumma, an Adorable Tiny Home That’s Ready to Travel

Simplicity is at the core of tiny living, yet many contemporary designs become overly complicated or even too big. The Big Mumma tiny is one of those creations that go back to basics – a micro dwelling that’s truly meant for the road, with all the basics neatly wrapped up in a cheerful style.
The Big Mumma is actually quite small, but smartly-designed and ready for the road 18 photos
Photo: Tiny Life Creations/Instagram
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Mat Gunns is open about the fact that the U.S. was his main source of inspiration when he decided to turn tiny house living into a business. Downsizing and going off-grid are immensely popular in America, and the tiny living movement quickly spread to other parts of the world. It turned out to be highly popular in Australia as well. This is where Mat founded his Tiny Life Creations company.

It’s interesting to see people like Mat, with an extensive career in fields that are connected to traditional housing (in his case, the design industry) become fans and promoters of an alternative lifestyle. Mat stayed true to the movement’s core philosophy, which is all about freedom of movement and lowered costs of living. This is why you won’t find any oversized or luxurious tiny house models in his brand’s range.

Don’t be fooled by the name of Big Mumma. This is no XXL tiny that looks impossible to move. It’s actually smaller than the legally-allowed limits in Australia because the whole point was to create a home that would be easy to tow. Officially a Sanctuary 6 Series model, the Big Mumma is only six meters long (19.6 feet), 2.4 meters wide (7.8 feet) with a height of just a little over four meters (13.7 feet). Not just small, but also light, packing just under 3,200 kg (7,000 lbs).

Grandaddy Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Life Creations
Although this makes Big Mumma ready to travel with ease, you’d also be surprised to see just how much she’s able to fit in. A beautifully crafted version of this model traveled to the Tiny House Carnival in St. Ives, back in 2020. That’s where folks got to admire its clever, yet deceivingly simple layout. And that cheerful yellow door certainly drew everyone’s attention.

Unlike the prevalent tiny house designs these days, the Big Mumma wasn’t meant to connect to the outdoors, which is why you won’t see any of the typical French doors, large windows, or indoor/outdoor breakfast bars. Instead, this tiny is more like a camper, trying to squeeze in as many functionalities as possible, while also staying light enough to withstand long journeys.

Up to four people can be accommodated inside, surprisingly. There’s a main bedroom upstairs, in the loft area (with just enough space for a king-size bed), and a convertible sofa downstairs. The U-shaped sofa is very popular with tiny home designs, due to how versatile is it. It easily fits in perfectly even in smaller spaces, while still being welcoming enough for a bigger crowd. There’s plenty of storage room underneath, and it can double as an extra bed, if needed.

Inside Big Mumma, the TV for the lounge area can be mounted at one end of the loft bedroom, because there’s nothing obstructing the view from the lounge. This is one of the ways in which Mat made the most of what was available, in terms of space. By request, this tiny can come with the TV already mounted, plus a built-in audio system.

Big Mumma Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Life Creations/Instagram
The staircase that leads to the bedroom also provides plenty of storage space, something that’s commonly found in tiny homes. Above the lounge room, there’s a second loft space, reachable via ladder. Mat jokingly described it as “a spot for naughty children,” but it would be best used for keeping bulkier stuff out of the way.

Big Mumma apparently loves to cook, too. Its kitchen may not be too spacious but is well-equipped. It’s fitted with a large sink, a two-burner cooktop, a fridge, and an electric oven. The countertop is 2.4 meters long (7.8 feet), a generous size for such a small house.

The bathroom sits next to the kitchen, at the end of the house, big enough for the basics. These include a decent-size shower (900 x 750 mm/35 x 29.5 inches), a vanity with a mirror, and a toilet that can be either a conventional or a composting one.

When fitted with a solar package, water tanks, and a grey water system, the Big Mumma can even become fully off-grid, and she’s ready for it. She’s also meant to be extra durable, even in challenging environments, thanks to the TrueCore steel frame.

Big Mumma Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Life Creations
Those who want to simplify things even more, and ditch the loft bedroom, can opt for the even tinier Bambino, while those who would prefer a little more room, and two loft bedrooms, will probably be drawn to the Grandaddy. As you can see, Tiny Life Creations equals an entire family, with something for everyone.

With its balanced layout and cheerful style, the Big Mumma is easy to love. Most importantly, she’s easy to tow - and tiny living is best experienced on the road.

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