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Award-Winning Ciao Is Considered by Some To Be Yachting Perfection and Can Be Yours
Let’s face it, if we know anything about yachts and other sea-faring vessels, it’s that they really can last a lifetime. For example, the M/Y Ciao is a yacht built in 2007 that had some acne cleared up with several refits over the years, and now, it’s up for grabs for nothing more than a few million dollars.

Award-Winning Ciao Is Considered by Some To Be Yachting Perfection and Can Be Yours

Ciao (Nilo) YachtCiao (Nilo) Yacht InteriorCiao (Nilo) Yacht InteriorCiao (Nilo) Yacht InteriorCiao (Nilo) Yacht InteriorCiao (Nilo) Yacht LoungeCiao (Nilo) YachtCiao (Nilo) YachtCiao (Nilo) Yacht GalleyCiao (Nilo) Yacht
Folks, back in 2007, the world saw the launching of an award-winning vessel known as Nilo. Several years later, this ship goes by the name Ciao. Still, its awarded design, style, and capabilities are all very much in place, not to mention a most recent refit to bring Ciao’s living standards to even more modern times.

Now, Ciao, like most other ships around, was designed and built by more than just one team, in this case, three. The first crew we will look at is Moonen Yachts, the builder. If you’ve never heard of Moonen but frequently visit warm coastal regions, you may have seen some of their work. With over 40 years of experience in this industry, they’ve grown to be known for one very simple trait, perfection.

The second crew involved is Rene van der Velden. This exterior design team, led by founder Rene van der Velden, has helped over 15 ships achieve award-winning status. Ciao is one of the boats that brought in four awards for this designer, including Winner of the 2006 Motor Boats Award and Winner of the 2006 World Yacht Trophy. I think you’re starting to get the idea of why I’ve decided to shed light on Ciao.

As for the interior, it’s designed by a team I hadn’t heard of until this ship, Art Line. While a whole lot isn’t mentioned about this crew, it does seem as though they’ve worked on some of the world’s most renowned vessels and often collaborate with builders such as Heesen, Feadship, and Lurssen. Obviously, Moonen is also on that list.

If you take the work of these three teams and whip it up into one neat package, you’d get Ciao. Overall, this ship comes in with a length of 28.9 m (94.8 ft) and features a beam of 6.8 m (22.3 ft) and a draft of 1.8 m (5.9 ft). This draft allows it to enter intimate ports and coves for a private experience.

Since the ship’s owner wanted it to be fast and luxurious, it’s equipped with two 1,825 HP Caterpillar engines and two Kohler 33 kW generators. With this setup, the ship can attain speeds upwards of 22 knots (25.3 mph) and cruises at around 18 knots (20.7 mph). It can also attain a maximum range o 2000 nautical miles (2,301 miles) at 10 knots (11.5 mph).

This is made possible not just because of the engines but also because of the hull design and material used to create the body, in this case, Sealium, a marine-grade alloy with better mechanical and welding properties than your typical aluminum. Did I mention it’s also lighter and less prone to corrosion?

Now, there’s just one little catch to what you see in the gallery. The images of the interior, including cabins, lounges, hallways, and everything else, are from 2012; it’s all Moonen shows on their website. This means that the interior available today may be far more different. There’s only one way to find out.

Since this vessel has been put up for sale by its owners, you can give Camper & Nicholsons (the brokerage firm for this deal) a call and find out precisely what the interior currently offers. If you end up liking what you’ve seen in the past five minutes, drop 3,995,000 EUR (4,396,757 USD at current exchange rates) and say “Ciao” to your new yacht.

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