aux box Expands Any Living Space in Under 24 Hours With These Modern Turnkey Prefab Spaces

While searching the world for mobile habitats suitable for adventurous lifestyles, I couldn't help but notice an increase in other types of habitats, prefabricated offices, and homes. Yes, folks, people are now looking into prefabricated structures for that perfect environment from where you can get in touch with your inner self, whatever your reasons for wanting to do so.
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One crew that seems to be taking advantage of the prefab wave is aux box, a manufacturer from British Columbia with the ability to create workspaces and homes designed to grant you that perfect environment. Best of all, because these structures are prefabricated, you can get to work in just 24 hours from the moment this structure lands on your driveway.

Around 2018, aux box entered the market with an aim to help current homeowners extend their living spaces without having to about blueprints, tearing down and rebuilding walls, or littering their yard with construction rubble. Furthermore, the structures they build seem to be relatively affordable.

For example, one of the units we'll be exploring today, the auxffice (don't worry, I spelled it right), is available to future owners starting at just $36,000 Canadian; this equates to roughly $28,225 American (at current exchange rates). The largest unit aux box sells is the 240, a 240 sq ft (22.3 sq m) structure priced at $94,000 Canadian or $73,812 American.

The 146
So, what would you be getting yourself into if you asked for this manufacturer's help in expanding your lifestyle? Well, it depends on the sort of unit you have in mind and what needs you want to meet. For example, say you're looking for a simple workplace where you can escape the troubles of a busy household, the auxffice is the structure for that. Being the smallest habitat built by this crew, it only has space for two desktops and a couple of chairs. The next unit up, the 106, is designed for the same purpose, but if you'd like, it can be used as a spare room too.

As for the two largest units, the 146 and 240, these two habitats are more for living than working. Sure, you'll still have a place to put your laptop, but you'll also find a place to rest your head at night or for a quick nap. These units seem to be best for folks always moving around, either because their work requires it or because inspiration is a slippery goldfish.

I do want to attract your attention to the 240 because this unit can be a bit more than all the others. This prefab structure is one that you could very well call home as it can be equipped with spaces like a kitchen and bathroom with residential-size appliances and features. Did I mention that there are two patios too?

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Now, all that sounds nice, but there is something you need to be aware of. Most prefab homes require a level foundation upon which to be set, and these units are no exception; this will cost you extra. Another aspect is that you will need to connect your unit to a stable power source, and I couldn't see if these puppies can be equipped with solar power. I'm sure aux box can work something out for the right amount of cash.

Let's say you like what you just read about. If that's the case, you know what you need to do. But, be warned, because aux box is a crew that offers a customizable living or office space, you may need to bring along more cash than what I mentioned. Once you have all that sorted out, you'll receive your prefab structure in up to 18 weeks, dropped onto your foundation with a crane, and when it's time to move, call up the transportation crew and get moving.

At the end of the day, I think it's pretty neat to have a mobile office or habitat that offers the liberty of moving around the country whenever you wish, the true beauty of prefabricated habitats.

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