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Autonomous Lamborghini Project Is Like a Rollercoaster Ride
An autonomous future is coming, folks. And when it gets here, everything will be different. But what happens to the exotic giants of the automotive world that pride themselves on the effects they have on the human body?

Autonomous Lamborghini Project Is Like a Rollercoaster Ride

Autonomous LamborghiniAutonomous LamborghiniAutonomous LamborghiniAutonomous LamborghiniAutonomous LamborghiniAutonomous Lamborghini
One of the possible outcomes of this autonomous future comes from an automotive designer that is currently hustling and bustling at GM, Simon Wells. Unlike other designers and manufacturers, he chose to still incorporate the human body into an autonomous vehicle. Why? For the pure thrill of speed.

This project is simply known as the Autonomous Lamborghini. And yes, this autonomous vehicle does include a rider, not a driver, with very little influence as to what the car will be doing. I'm sure that if you’ve had a look in the gallery, you may have noticed what is going on.

If you feel is all backward then you’re probably a normal human being, but, if you don’t, like me, then this is the ride to bring you the adrenaline you need. As with most other autonomous vehicles, here too we can assume that this is to be electric, as that’s just how the tech works.

First off, being an autonomous supercar, it bears a resemblance to other vehicles we’ve seen, the Roboracers. A low to the ground body with no engine offers us a vehicle that stands only 25in. (63.5cm) tall. When’s the last time you saw a two-foot-tall car? Probably never. That low and flat design is then sustained on four racing slicks to make sure that it has absolute control in turns and during acceleration.

To top it all off, this dream machine is to be built using 3D printed tech. We are told that everything that can be 3D printed is 3D printed, and is the main reason why we can see the exposed chassis and internal framework.

Now, where do you come in? Well, you come in right on top of the whole thing, laying on your back. All you have to do is look at that display screen in front of you and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Why? Because an AI will be directing every movement, turn, and acceleration, and the only level of implication that is allowed from the rider is a choice as to what route you will be carried around on and at what speed.

Because you are laying on your back, visibility of the road is not possible, so the designer included a display I mentioned previously. This display is only there to show the rider what is coming up and which path is intended upon by the AI.

Aside from just enjoying a ride on autopilot, this design includes another function, one destined for social media. Everything that happens with the vehicle is recorded and can be shared live via social platforms. With this function, the designer sees a future where friends challenge each other to G-force competitions and adrenaline rides. But another mode also exists, one where viewers are in control and choose the route and speed.

Yeah, it looks like one cool rollercoaster ride, where all you have to do is hang on for your life and enjoy the ride. My only “why” that remains is why that funky helmet, if this vehicle is meant to avoid any obstacles? If you hit a wall in this thing, you’re basically done. So why? I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say it’s meant to keep bugs out of your hair.


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