Our Beloved Chevrolet Colorado Could End Up Looking Like This in 2030

We all love our Chevys. That love, however, extends far beyond the borders of the U.S. People all over the world, from Dubai, to China, and even Germany, can be seen brandishing the Chevy emblem. Some even put that emblem on ideas.
Chevrolet Colorado Concept 10 photos
Photo: Niko Pesa
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This seems to be the case here. The Chevrolet Colorado you see before you is only an unofficial concept, and one for a future that may not turn out exactly as we dream. But if it does, oh man! The design has been conceived by transportation designer Niko Pesa of Canada and is made to bring a balance between city and outdoor use.

What we’re told and shown is the full-sized cab pickup, but is decked out with enough perks to match a superyacht. The exterior of the vehicle is made in classic pickup truck style, with a flat bed and elevated cab. But once we dive into the internal workings of it, that idea stops at the exterior.

To understand a bit more of what we’re looking at, please note that this vehicle is designed to be electric and autonomous. Yup, an autonomous Chevy. The electric aspect of the design affects a lot of the exterior look as each wheel includes its own motor. This requires massive cooling systems, of which the Colorado concept does include.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept
Photo: Niko Pesa
At the front of the truck, we can see two wheel wells bulging above and in front of the tires. In those wells we can find the headlights and massive air scoops. It’s these air scoops that offer the necessary cooling that is absolutely crucial in EVs. For the rear motors, another set of air scoops run along the side of the truck and direct air there. As for the battery cooling, this is offered by that gaping mouth we see at the front as well.

But being the heavy-duty performer that it is, where do we get all the necessary power? What we’re told is that the top of the cab includes two systems in order to capture the necessary energy. The first is a thermal system that traps heat and converts it to energy, a piece of tech we haven’t quite figured out yet, and the classic solar system. With these two systems this concept is even supposed to be able to act as a powerhouse for your camping or outdoor needs.

Because of its autonomous function, the cab has seen a complete redesign. Since no driving or attention is needed, and no motor is available, this huge amount of space has been focused more on socializing and entertainment. Aside from the classic position where everyone is facing forward, the seats can be readjusted to a conference position, where everyone is facing inward. Oh, and speaking of entertainment, the designer includes an interior screen system that displays vehicles statistics, block any view of the outside world, or be used to watch movies.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept
Photo: Niko Pesa
The final trick this future truck has in store is that flat bed. As a designer, you simply cannot redesign something without affecting its most characteristic trait. Aside from the classic bed we see, underneath lies another bed. Actually, it’s more like an oversized toolbox, but nearly as large as the initial bed.

As for myself, I'm not sure if in the next ten years, our technology will advance this much, but who knows. If it does, it’s possible that some of these ideas might be seen on trucks. Maybe just not on a Chevy.
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