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Acid Green Porsche 911 R Is a Contradiction

Just when we though we had shown you all the possible 911 R (we didn't actually keep count to see if we had reached 991 units), we came across the eye-catching animal you can see here.
Acid Green Porsche 911 R Is a Showstopper 1 photo
It looks like we're dealing with an example the three-pedal special that comes dressed in Acid Green. Of course, you can't always trust Instagram details when it comes to the hue of a car. And we can say the same about relying on pictures for this - some might look at this Neunelfer and see Porsche's Gelbgrun (Yellow Green) mixed with strange lighting conditions.

However, while we can't be 100 percent certain that we're dealing with Acid Green, we have to admit that this R draws attention like few others.

Interestingly, this goes against the purpose of the thing - keep in mind that the R is just as mighty as the GT3 RS, but comes with much tamer aerodynamics (think: no front wing air extractors and a shaved rear wing).

Speaking of the GT3 RS, we'll remind you this is the only Neunelfer derivative that has yet to be touched by the wand of the 991.2 mid-cycle revamp.

There's no reason to fret, though, since we've spied the Gen 2 GT3 RS on multiple occasions. It's worth noting that we have yet to see a prototype of the Rennsport Neunelfer being fitted with the 991.2 posterior elements, since all the test car we spotted still packed the outgoing model's back end.

Nevertheless, the front end of the machine did mix the nose of the 2018 GT3 with the said air extractors and a frunk lid that includes the GT2 RS' NACA ducts.

The RS badge is expected to bring an evolution of the 991.2 GT3's new 4.0-liter boxer, with the rumor mill talking about the result being a 4.2-liter engine with at least 425 hp.

However, Porsche has made it clear that the circuit dedication of the GT3 RS means the newcomer won't follow the GT3 down the six-speed manual path, so, as with the GT2 RS, we'll have to stick with the PDK.


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