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AB 80 Custom Yacht Hits Waters With Speed and Luxury Like a Lambo of the Seas
Let’s face it, billionaire luxury and comfort can often be boring. In the spirit of spicing things up a bit, an Italian yacht builder, AB Yachts, has created what some consider the Lamborghini of the sea.

AB 80 Custom Yacht Hits Waters With Speed and Luxury Like a Lambo of the Seas

AB 80 Yacht StateroomAB 80 Yacht StateroomAB 80 Yacht Bridge DeckAB 80 Yacht Bride DeckAB 80 Yacht Aft LoungeAB 80 YachtAB 80 Yacht
Back in 1992, a boat builder hit the market under the AB Yachts name to set a new standard for luxury yachting and boating. Nearly thirty years later, AB has become a “reference” for the industry, in the process, crafting ships that offer peak luxury and styling, and speed. Later the crew merged with the Gruppo Fipa and seems to have secured the brand’s future.

Take the AB 80 as a perfect example of why this yacht builder is still alive in such a cut-throat business. Since speed is the main subject of discussion, in short, this vessel can reach speeds of 58 knots...that’s 66.75 mph (107.42 kph), on water.

All I can say is that if you do happen to take a ride on the AB 80 at some point in your life, you better hang the heck on! If you’ve ever ridden a jet ski and hit a wake at 40 mph (64 kph), you know it’s going to end quite badly if you aren’t lined up properly. Imagine what can happen at 66-mph (106-kph) speeds. Better yet, don’t imagine it; just make sure you have a good captain.

How is all this speed achieved? Well, three MAN V12-2000 engines with 2,000 hp each offer the necessary force to move this 25.40-meter (83.3-foot) hunk of engineering along with eight passengers, including crew members. All the while featuring a draft of just 1.30 meters (4.26 feet). Smashing down coastlines and into lagoons never looked this good. The addition of two MJP waterjets and a central booster complete the drivetrain for this craft.

Part two of the AB 80’s story revolves around the interior and exterior styling. At first glance, the yacht tells you right away that it’s meant to be fast. A long and sharp bow blends into a sleek and dropped helm before tapering off into the flat and wide aft, you see. This sort of design is indicative of a fast vessel.

So far, the manufacturer’s website states nothing of the types of materials used in the AB 80’s construction, but a blend of fiberglass, aluminum, and possibly even carbon fiber is common among ships like these. As for the interior, the image gallery reveals materials such as wood, leather, composites, semiprecious metals, and even stone in some areas. These materials are then blended into inviting spaces which are illuminated by large lateral glass sections.

Staterooms are revealed with heavy use of wood, while port and starboard windows let natural light inside. In case natural light is unavailable, LED lighting is applied to the ceiling and along the floor, shining out from underneath furniture edges.

The uppermost deck features the bridge. However, this deck also includes a rear lounge fit for all guests aboard, but again, if you’re looking to take a ride at max speed from this lounge, I wouldn’t recommend it unless waters are as smooth as glass.If you don’t like the interior that you see but do fall in love with this ship and decide to commission your own, the good news is that AB Yachts offers a fully customizable interior and exterior, within safe and functioning norms, of course.

One feature I do recommend keeping is that awesome forward lounge seen at the bow of the AB 80. Not only is it a front-row seat on one heck of a thrill ride, but it’s also the place to be when you and your guests roll into port from blasting around like a bullet. By the time you get back, port members will have already asked themselves, “Who’s that with the AB 80?”

While a price for the AB 80 hasn’t been revealed, other AB Yachts craft with similar capabilities will run you no less than $6,000,000 (€5,172,810 at current exchange rates), and that’s for a used boat. I wonder how much one of these suckers is new and if the moment you drive out of port it loses half its value.

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