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Flagship FP50 Closed Cockpit Yacht Is Speed Incarnate With Touch of Luxury
Not everyone likes some massive superyacht filled with the world’s luxuries but can barely hit 20 knots. Some yacht owners like their ships small, simple, and all about that speed.

Flagship FP50 Closed Cockpit Yacht Is Speed Incarnate With Touch of Luxury

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This seems to be the case with one manufacturer, Focus Motor Yachts, a yacht builder from the Netherlands and based on a collaboration with British Naval Architect, Tony Castro. With a knack for producing craft between 33 feet (10.05 meters) and 50 feet (15.14 meters), each vessel that leaves this shipyard is the epitome of hand-crafted design and abilities.

This brings us to the Focus Power 50 (FP50) yacht, a boat that its creators consider their flagship. Since this is the case, it’s time to explore exactly the reasons why this team is constantly building ships and why customers keep buying them.

To get an understanding of what you have before you, the FP50 is a closed cockpit sports cruiser that is hand-built piece by piece and layer by layer. Now, the ship isn’t the largest around, and frankly, that’s a good thing; otherwise, that 32 kt (36.8 mph) top speed would be rather hard to achieve.

Have you ever zipped around on the surface of waters at 37 mph? I can tell you that it’s quite a chaotic and fun experience. With a length of 14.63 meters (48 feet), of which the hull is 13.88 meters (45.5 feet), the ship features an offshore hull design to offer cruising range, comfort, and control during your ride.

Aboard the ship, just two decks are developed; the main deck includes the bridge, and the lower deck, which features everything needed for sleeping and social activities. On the main deck, owners and guests will be able to have a go at controlling the vessel or just lounge around while enjoying a glass of the bubbly. For that, there’s a lounge bed, a large U-shaped booth, tables, and even a starboard galley where you can prepare small snacks and meals.

Also, on the main deck, the bow of the ship features a dual lounging bed, perfect for riding into port on, while aft, access to the beach deck is done by a couple of steps on each side of the ship. Here, another lounge pad overlooking the rear is also offered.

The deck below, however, is available in two options. One offers bedding for up to six guests, while another layout is suitable for just four guests as one of the bedrooms is transformed into a social lounge ready with a dinette. Furnishings are created using woods, composites, semiprecious metals, and very minimal but effective lighting. Together, these materials offer a luxury café, or teahouse, feel in social spaces, while bedrooms offer a feel like that of private airliners.

While it may just seem like a day boat or yacht, the FP50 is capable of a bit more than just that. Equipped with a shower, toilet, multiple sinks, wardrobes, and plenty of electrical and water systems, three-day weekends should be more than covered.

Another feature of the lower deck is the engine room. This is where the FP50’s power and ability to offer the thrills it promises comes from. Inside, two Cummins QSC 8,3-600 engines with ZEUS 3800 are responsible for the FP50’s 32 kt (36.8 mph) top speed.

So far, a price has not been revealed for the FP50. However, there is some good news. Other Focus Power yachts come in with a starting price of around €500K (around $578K at current exchange rates). If that’s the case, then I feel it’s safe to say that the Focus Power 50 yacht is one of those yachts that won’t burn a hole in some millionaire’s pocket and is sure to feed anyone’s need for speed with a touch of luxury and style.


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