2023 BMW XM Gets Digital Facelift. Some Things Just Can't Be Fixed, Only Avenged?

2023 BMW XM rendering by 13 photos
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2023 BMW XM rendering by j.b.cars2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM2023 BMW XM
As expected, last year’s BMW Concept XM recently morphed into the production-ready XM. And it does not feature the Citroen branding anymore, plus it is a super SUV.
With the standard powertrain, the 4.4-liter V8 PHEV model from M GmbH (only their second-ever, following the 1970s M1 that was developed alongside Lamborghini) will easily duke it out with some of the most exotic members of the SUV segment – including the Lambo Urus (Performante) thoroughbred. But that is not all, as BMW also has a brand-new ace up its sleeve.

That would be the recently leaked 735-hp BMW XM Label Red, and in that form, not even the $400k Ferrari Purosangue will stand a 715-hp, V12-exclusive chance against this brawny plug-in hybrid. Alas, some will quickly argue the $185 XM Label Red also has nothing on the rest of the rivals in terms of design. Yep, BMW just nailed another of its “hate it or love it” designs. But since there is no gray area in between, at least not in the real world, let us see if anyone can do something about it.

Thus, let us direct our attention toward the virtual artist better known as on social media, who has done yet another quick makeover that goes against the OEM credo, trying to save an XM now. No, the pixel master is not dabbling with the vintage Citroen model but instead decided to virtually alter the flagship BMW into something a tad more digestible. Well, it remains to be seen if he managed to successfully complete the task, as opinions from the channel’s fans are divided between “much better” and “some things can’t be fixed!

Anyway, at least he tried, most likely using the current X4, X5, and X6 Ms as a reference and subtly altering the XM personality from something with a snug face into a PHEV that almost smiles at the thought of high performance and sustainability going hand in hand… at least in CGI form.

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of 2023 BMW XM.

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