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2022 Genesis G90 Shooting Brake Wants to Digitally Redefine the Luxury Class

Genesis has expanded its vehicle lineup to never-before seen levels, with a whole bunch of sedans and crossovers, joined by an estate, making it up. They’re not quite done with the development of new models, as there are several exciting ones in the pipeline, but should a G90 Shooting Brake be one of them?
Genesis G90 Shooting Brake - Rendering 6 photos
Genesis G90 Shooting Brake - RenderingGenesis G90 Shooting Brake - RenderingGenesis G90 Shooting Brake - RenderingGenesis G90 Shooting Brake - RenderingGenesis G90
With this question in mind, sugardesign_1 on Instagram set out to imagine what such a model would look like, and we have to admit that the end result, albeit digital, is not bad at all. The car remains the same up to the B pillars, and the magic happens at the back.

Sporting a much longer roofline, slightly arched toward the rear, and ending with a spoiler, the Genesis G90 Shooting Brake has a tailgate styling that tries to copy the looks of the sedan’s trunk lid. The LED taillights are still joined together by a light strip, and a second one can be seen below them. The tailgate is still decorated by the ‘Genesis’ lettering in the middle and by the ‘G90’ logo on the left side.

Elsewhere, the rendering artist chose to retain the styling and size of the bumper, though adapted to fit the new body style. The same can be said about the doors, with flush-mounted handles, wheels, chrome trim surrounding the side windows, shark-fin antenna, side mirror caps, and so on. Even the headlights carry over from the real model, thus making the sporty-looking wagon instantly recognizable as a Genesis.

Now, since the G90 inevitably guns for the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8, the Korean brand will never launch a five-door variant, as it would create a niche. With most new car buyers today interested only in high-riders, it wouldn’t exactly become a best-seller, so you’d better erase it from your mind.


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