2021 Volkswagen ID.3 Virtually Travels Back in Time to Make the Mk1 Golf an EV

2021 Volkswagen ID.3 rendered as Mk1 VW Golf EV by spdesignsest on Instagram 42 photos
Photo: spdesignsest/Instagram
2021 Volkswagen ID.3 rendered as Mk1 VW Golf EV by spdesignsest on Instagram
Estonian pixel master Siim Pärn probably heard that in Europe, the electric revolution has grown wings after Volkswagen’s ID.3 racked up some nice sales with help from various government incentives. But he’s also got an eye on the past, trying to imagine how the original Golf might have looked if ICE wasn’t all the rage back then.
The first-generation Volkswagen Golf was born almost five decades ago and kicked off the European revolution of what we know today as the compact segment. Back then, it was a “small family car” that was also crucial to the company for paving the road away from the Beetle-influenced air-cooled, rear-engine, RWD setups.

The new car lines were focused on front-engine, water-cooled, front-wheel-drive architectures, and Giorgetto Giugiaro's Italdesign-penned Golf styling is rightfully considered a legend of the automotive industry. Today, the 21st century Volkswagen continues the tradition with the eighth-generation Golf and tries to signal a staggering paradigm shift towards more sustainable alternatives.

We’re naturally referring to the ID. family, as the MEB platform seems ready to herald a zero-emissions future for the company. Although it’s not available in America, where VW is all about the ID.4 at the moment, the automaker's home region has seemingly embraced the ID.3 hatchback with open arms.

With Volkswagen already pitching this model as having the same relevance as the original Golf once had, it was only logical that someone would try and see if the Mk1 would have looked nice in a (virtual) world with ID.3 cues plastered all over its vintage design.

That exact someone would be Estonian CGI fan Siim Pärn (a.k.a. spdesignsest on social media), who decided to tease us to his creation that mixes modern ID.3 elements with the cool little body of the Mk1 Golf. We’re offered just a side view at the moment, but the artist promises “more views (are) coming,” so be sure that we’ll properly update the gallery once they virtually become available.

By the way, we feel the transition has been very smooth and would love to imagine how it would feel to drive the MK1 when sporting a 204-horsepower electric motor.

Update: As promised by the author, there are more viewes for this project, so we've also added them down below.

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Editor's note: Gallery also includes official images of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.3

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