1,000-HP Yenko Camaro Rendered as Modern-Day Chevy Nomad

When the Camaro came out, General Motors decided to cap the engine displacement you could order at 400ci (6.5L). That was done for a number of reasons, but one dealer famously defied this rule to create the Yenko Camaro, power by a monster 7.0-liter V8.
1000 HP Yenko Camaro Rendered as Modern-Day Nomad 4 photos
1000 HP Yenko Camaro Rendered as Modern-Day Nomad1000 HP Yenko Camaro Rendered as Modern-Day Nomad1000 HP Yenko Camaro Rendered as Modern-Day Nomad
The classic Yenko Camaro was created by dealership owner and race car driver Don Yenko, who saw a market for higher-displacement turn-key muscle cars. His 1967 hot rods swapped in the 427ci (7.0L) V8 from the L72 Corvette pack, a bigger rear, and heavy-duty suspension.

Of course, car collectors pay big money for one of these, so it's probably not surprising that somebody created a modern version. Stage II Yenko Camaro is currently being offered by Specialty Vehicle Engineering (previously known as SLP) with 1,050 horsepower. That's insane considering a stock 2021 Camaro and the original Yenko made about 450 hp.

These custom rides are based on an SS 1LE and take the standard 6.2-liter to the next level by boring it out to a 6.8-liter (416 cubic inches). It also gets a supercharger, CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads, upgraded fuel injectors, a 10 percent larger throttle body, a dual-mode stainless-steel exhaust, and other goodies.

There's also a Stage I kit with only 835 horsepower, which is still enough to put a ZL1 to shame. Rendering aficionado wb.artist20 was inspired by this beast of a Camaro to make a modern Chevy Nomad tribute.

It's not uncommon for the Camaro and Nomad to be mixed into one car. We've even spotted a real-world build. But the Yenko styling takes things to the next level. SVE's modded car donates features like those vintage-look five-spoke wheels and a carbon fiber hood with a bulging intake. Some subtle changes were made to the headlights to help differentiate this from a normal Camaro, but it's not as crazy as some of those Firebird tributes.

The cool thing about the modern Yenkos is that they're going to be rare too. SVE will build 25 units with Stage II costing about $66,995, not including the price of a Camaro. Best of all, they come with warranties and sell in some GM dealerships.


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