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Would You Buy This Lamborghini Gallardo For $35,000 Despite Its Sordid Past?

Ed Bolian is always on the lookout for a great deal but he had no idea that the cheapest functional Lamborghini would come to him. We detail the full story of how he came to own a $35,000 Gallardo below.
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Lamborghini GallardoLamborghini GallardoLamborghini GallardoLamborghini GallardoLamborghini Gallardo
Ed has always loved supercars. Among his favorite brands is Lamborghini. In fact, he spent time as the director of sales at a Lamborghini dealership. During that time he started VinWiki, the app that helps people keep track of cars and tell cool stories.

That app has ended up helping some folks find lost or stolen cars. Because of that connection, Ed was the guy that got a call about six months ago inquiring about a Gallardo.

That Gallardo had been photographed by someone using the app and it turns out that it had been stolen in 2018. Now, the insurance company was trying to track down all the information they could on the car itself.

By the time they called Ed, the car was in possession of the Virginia State Police. The insurance company wasn't totally sure about what they wanted to do with it. So they asked Ed if he wanted to buy it.

Of course, Bolian, never wanting to miss out on a deal, was willing to consider it. The Lamborghini ran and drove though according to the insurance company it had a slew of other issues. Ed knew, thanks to the VinWiki app, that the car had been repainted at least twice.

Despite that sordid history, Bolian expected to pay $60,000-$70,000 considering that a good example would be about double that. The company came to him with an initial offer of just $40,000.

After just a bit of haggling, Bolian got the company to come down to just $35,000. It took many months for delivery but it's all his now. Ed says that it took almost no major work aside from replacing all of the fluids and catching it up on maintenance.

Of course, the convertible top doesn't work. Still, for the price of a Camry, we think we'd deal with a little wind noise.


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