Wood Artist Builds Ford F-150 for His Father, It Looks So Much Like the Real Deal

This Ford F-150 Raptor runs and drives and gets the job done. Nothing special so far when it comes to the Ford F-Series, right? Until you find out that the pickup truck is almost entirely made of wood.
Wooden Ford F-150 Raptor 15 photos
Photo: ND - Woodworking Art | YouTube Screenshot
Wooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 RaptorWooden Ford F-150 Raptor
Yes, you read that right. It really is, no matter how hard it is to believe. But wait until you hear the whole story. The model has come out of the hands of a Vietnam-based artist who uploads footage of the cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even tanks that he builds on his YouTube channel, ND Woodworking Art. He is the one pushing the limits of wood well beyond what we’d expect to see.

He started the whole project by welding together a metal chassis and frame, painted in black insulating and anti-rust paint, moving on to axles and wheels. A 2,500 W motor is mounted on the rear axle. Then the ebony body panels made their way to the chassis, but they are so heavy that sometimes, four people are necessary to carry them.

The artist had to carve, sculpt, chisel, cut, and polish every inch of the vehicle, smoothing out the shape. The attention to detail makes you watch the video and forget to breathe. Little by little, the vehicle started to gain the looks of the real thing: a Ford F-150 Raptor. Everything was pre-calculated and matches perfectly, everything clicks in place.

Everything seems to be in place: the headlights, the Ford lettering of the Raptor in the radiator grille, the fender flares, and a bed with a tailgate that is also perfectly functional.

Wooden Ford F\-150 Raptor
Photo: ND - Woodworking Art | YouTube Screenshot
The pickup truck got a complete dashboard with dials, steering wheel, physical buttons, and a display, all perfectly following the shape of the real ones. Driver and occupants will be sitting in bolstered seats with the Raptor lettering on the backrest. A real windshield, wipers, functional headlights and taillights are all in place.

The project finished with varnishing, which is a major stage of the project. It makes the vehicle look good and protects the wood from the elements, while partially waterproofing it. Although, the new owner is probably going to try to protect the work of his son in every way he can.

All the work was worth it. The father will proudly use his new workhorse around the farm. It is not as big and potent as the real deal. But it surely turns heads on and off the tarmac both. And it sure was cheaper than the real Raptor, which starts at $76,775.

Meanwhile, the Raptor R goes all the way to $109,900 before checking any option box. Well, for that much money, the customer is getting over 700 horsepower coming out of the 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine.

From what we can tell, we’re dealing with a pre-facelift F-150 Raptor. Ford has unveiled the 2024 Raptor with new styling. The pickup truck, just like the entire F-150 lineup, got new headlights, a redesigned bumper and radiator grille.

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