Widebody Mazda RX-7 "Speed Monkey" Looks Like a Supercar

Since senior performance cars seem to be enjoying even more respect than they did back in the day, the Mazda RX-7's fan base seems to be increasing. However, many aficionados stick to the final FD generation when the name of the rotary engine sportscar is mentioned. Then again, we mustn't allow its also-amazing predecessor, the FC RX-7 to be left behind.
Widebody Mazda RX-7 "Speed Monkey" rendering 11 photos
FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7FC Mazda RX-7
Fortunately, renderings such as the one we have here make it easy to keep the second-generation RX-7 under the spotlights.

The Japanese sportscar producer targeted the Porsche 924 and 944 when designing this incarnation of the machine, whose initial S4 version was built between 1985 and 1988 (this was followed by the S5, which was brought to the world between 1989 and 1992).

Compared to the FB original, the FC was more of a sports tourer than a hardcore sportscar, but, returning to this rendering, the pixel play comes to address that.

In fact, the downforce hardware present on the machine is so serious that an untrained eye could easily mistake this contraption for a supercar.

The dominant body modification seems to be the wide body of the machine: while the front fenders pack massive air extractors, the rear ones leave quite a bit of "tire" exposed, but that's the area where additional aero elements are located.

While the angle of the pixel play doesn't allow us to notice the front end work, we can still notice the generous hood vent, as well as the roof spoiler, the massive rear wing and the rear diffuser.

Note that the exhaust tips don't interfere with the lower rear apron, since these sit above the diffuser, as is the case with the Lamborghini Huracan Evo, for instance.

What about the mind behind these pixels? Well, the one to thank for this eye candy is digital artist Yasid Oozeear.


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