Tiny Home Deal of the Year: IndigoGo! Is Waiting To Take You Away From the Quotidian Grind

Just about anyone I know, myself included, would love to own a tiny home. However, none of us want to dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our hands on one. So, in that spirit, I chose to bring to light this tiny home from Indigo River Tiny Homes, a machine that'll cost surprisingly less than most others you've encountered.
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Ladies and gents, the mobile home on wheels you see in the image gallery is priced at $88,000 (€81,500 at current exchange rates) plus some taxes. That's all you need to get your hands on this one and only unit from Indigo River Tiny Homes (IRTH). It's called the IndigoGo!, and while you can order a new one without any problems whatsoever from IRTH, this particular version is already completed and selling for a reduced rate; typically, a new Go! "would cost over $132,300 due to material increases since it was built."

In short, this unit is just sitting around waiting for someone who's hunting the deal of the year, and this might just be it. So, for the next few minutes or so, take a seat, kick back, and let these letters guide you through a life lived out of an IndigoGo!

Now, the Go! is the sort of tiny home that's all set up around a single level. This means that there are no lofts, but don't fret; this puppy is more than ready to handle the lifestyle of any American couple. With a modular couch, like the one already in the unit, another two guests could easily join the fun. Have anyone in mind?

Starting with the exterior of this sleeping beauty - because it's still waiting for its knight in shining armor - take a look at the wonderful balance between color and natural tones of wood. For some reason, it's got that whole Greek island vibe because of the blue paint job. The white window and door panes only add to this idea.

Photo: Indigo River Tiny Homes
Once you've taken in all 24x8.5 ft (7.3x2.6 m) of this baby's exterior, let's head on inside and see what else IRTH has in store for future owners. It's here that we can envelop ourselves in what IRTH feels an IndigoGo! should look and feel like.

To start things off, let's pretend you just took your first step into the unit. To your left, or the rear of the Go!, sits the bedroom. It's here that a double bed, floating dresser, and nightstand are found, but my favorite part is the windows overhead. Why? Simply because they'll flood the interior of your unit with natural light from the morning sun.

Once you've risen from your slumber, take a step or two away from the bedding, and you'll find yourself in the center of the living room, where you can stretch out those legs, have a seat on the couch if no one's sleeping on it, or ready the table for breakfast. Take a moment to recharge your batteries with some vitamin D flowing in through that large window sitting behind the couch.

To your right of the entrance, future owners will find a galley equipped with a retro fridge and countertop tucked away in a corner, but straight ahead, a large block offers the rest of a complete galley. It's here that we find a double-bowl kitchen sink, another larger countertop, and all the space needed to store utensils and all that jazz. Take a moment to throw on a pot of coffee or whip up some breakfast.

Photo: Indigo River Tiny Homes
As for the final space in this unit, it's the bathroom. What I enjoyed about this space is the fact that it includes everything your typical landlocked home would. From a bathtub where you can soak up and relax to a flushing toilet and separate vanity, it's all here: everything you'd need to ready yourself for or clean up after off-grid adventures.

Speaking of off-grid living, the Go! Presents itself as a park-ready unit. This means that you'll still be locked into the grid for power, but if you've got some extra cash sitting around, why not go for some solar panels, an inverter, and a battery bank? These days, there are some decent options out there.

Now, take everything you've just read and throw yourself in the middle of the action. You might be the sort of person who pictures themselves near a treeline, with the little ones running around the Go! and you just kicking back watching all of it. Maybe you're picturing yourself on a beach or driving down the highway. Oh, you're going for a trip through the mountains? Go! for it!

The catch now is to get ahold of Indigo River Tiny Homes before anyone else reads this article, and if you consider that we publish worldwide, you better get moving if you want to be the owner of this Texas-born beauty. It might already be too late; there is only one way to find out.

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