eOne Tiny House Is Yours for a Tad Over $65K, Grants Two-Story and All-Electric Living

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Every once in a while, I like to check in with manufacturing teams that I've covered before. This time around, it's Wisconsin-based Escape Traveler's turn, and the unit in question is a towering and all-electric tiny home with a starting price you won't believe.
Ok, so I'll be honest; I've covered the eOne before, but this time around, it looks as if Escape has taken some time to add some small changes. Even the starting price has gone up a bit, moving from $63,200 to $65,210 (€60,000 at current exchange rates). Let's dive deeper and check out what's in store for this two-story unit.

Now, what you need to know about the eOne, and any other "e-anything" from Escape, is that the units are built to be all-electric, but the tradeoff is that they're operated by shore power. Nonetheless, I'm sure you can let Escape in on your plans to run everything on solar power, and they can help you throw on some panels and batteries. If not, take things into your own hands.

For the rest of this unit's story, I invite you to first check out the image gallery and then come back to the text to take a little trip through imagination to feel what life in an eOne may be like. Once you've done that, hitch up the proverbial truck, and off you go. One thing to note is that although the eOne is a two-story unit, even weighing as much as 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg), you won't need to modify your truck bed in any way; this isn't a gooseneck, same as last year.

After you've driven the miles to get to that trailer park or middle of nowhere, assuming you've got the electrical system to back up your stay, stretch your legs, stabilize the dual-axle trailer, and free your workhorse from its burden, only to use it to explore nearby lands at a later time.

Photo: Escape Traveler
Once you've done all this, take a step back, and have a close look at the whole thing. Sure, the exterior of this beauty is crafted using wood, but Escape's 25 years of know-how are sure to prove themselves by keeping the elements out of your home. Then there are all those large windows tattered all over the walls, flooding the interior with natural light. Go ahead; step inside.

Once you do, you'll find yourself surrounded by the heartwarming and inviting color tones of good old wood. Wall paneling, cabinetry, flooring, and nearly everything else is wood, all but appliances. The entrance also places you to the right of the dining area and access to the loft above, while on your right sits the bathroom. This sort of layout means you can have guests over and can choose to limit access to the rest of the home if you wish. If you're close friends, let them all loose.

Now, the downstairs area also houses the kitchen, filled with all the knick-knacks needed to live a completely independent lifestyle, free from the grid and other people for days to weeks, but it also houses a living room, which, by the looks of it, Escape designates as a bedroom. This area is also accessible by another door, indicating that a patio should be installed. Considering there's a loft bedroom, too, this space can be designated as a gym, living room, or anything else you want, assuming you're traveling only as a couple.

Photo: Escape Traveler
Speaking of the loft bedroom, let's head there and see how life above ground feels. To access this space, take the stairs sitting left of the entrance, and once you do, you'll find yourself sitting in a space that can be used as a study or workroom. Maybe just set up a couple of bean bags and turn the area into a nook from which you can drink tea and scope out the natural world. The large windows are bound to help you in this endeavor.

The final area is that loft bedroom I mentioned. Here, you'll find yourself going to bed under star-filled skies and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the morning sunlight. Go ahead, lie down on that two-person mattress, call over your significant other, and talk about life until you both fall asleep.

All this is nice and all, but what does it mean for die-hard outdoor lovers? Several things, actually. First off, because the eOne has a loft bedroom, the downstairs area can be repurposed into a gear garage, housing a couple of e-bikes or whatever you get your kicks with. If you have some larger vehicles to bring along, look into some truck bed ramps and bring along the bigger boys.

Then again, travel as a group and have the other driver bring along a trailer for all the heavy machinery; in this case, you'll need the second bedroom. From here, set up an outdoor dining area, spark a little fire, turn on some tunes, and tell stories until the sandman starts calling.

Photo: Escape Traveler
One other aspect of tiny homes that you need to consider is their ability to be a source of income for owners. Some folks have realized that with a bit of land, a three to four-month lease, and some flashy photos, you can turn units like the eOne into a source of revenue, Airbnb style. Solar panels should definitely be considered. Just check out that little "neighborhood" in the image above.

With a price tag that of a fraction of traditional homes, the ability to operate everything on electricity, and offering a living space that shuns my two-bedroom apartment, the eOne is definitely a habitat worth considering for any upcoming mobile adventures.

As for any changes that may have been incorporated into the unit, I wasn't able to find anything, mainly because last year's spec sheet is out of my reach, but there has to be something going on to justify the price difference. I hope it's not just inflation. Even so, it's still one hell of a deal if you ask me.
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