eOne Is a Tiny Home Designed To Unlock a Whole New World of Glamping Wonders

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Listen, not only are our cars shifting from running on fossil fuels to being powered by cleaner electrical energy, but the very homes we live in are seeing a shift too. One tiny home team leading the pack is Escape Traveler, with their newest eco-friendly homes.
The eOne we'll be looking at today is designed and built by a crew from right here in the U.S., Escape Traveler. If this crew sounds familiar, it's because autoevolution has featured their works several times before. They hail from Wisconsin, and with the ability to build homes that aren't just mobile but suitable for year-round use, it's really no wonder this crew is often in the news.

This time around, we'll be scoping out just one tiny home out of a recently announced eEscape lineup, the eOne. To kick things off and help you grasp what's going on here, these puppies start at as little as $63,200 (€58,700 at current exchange rates) and can be equipped with all the comforts of a regular home and then some. Above all, this bugger is designed to run on nothing more than electrical power.

While that's plug-in power, just imagine what your life would be like with a roof full of solar panels; you wouldn't have to pay for a watt of energy ever again. The only costs you should cover throughout your eOne's life are fixing, replacing, or upgrading existing systems. Not only should this benefit you in the long run, but you'd be rocking a genuinely off-grid home. Let's see what else it can do for your lifestyle.

eOne Tiny House Interior
Photo: Escape Traveler
Now, this sucker is rather big, weighing in at 12,000 pounds (5,443 kilograms) and rocking a dual-axle trailer. With the heavy use of wood and a steel roof with a 40-year warranty, you'll have to bust out the big guns to tow this behemoth along.

You finally make it out to where you'll be glamping for the next few days to a week. With systems at the ready, you prepare the leveling jacks and throw the ol' stepladder in front of the entrance; that's it. From here, it all depends on what sort of lifestyle you prepared your eOne to handle.

Maybe you and your friends are mountain climbers. If that's the case, you could sacrifice one of the two loft bedrooms and transform it into a space for storing your gear: maybe you're into kayaking. Not the adventurous type but want a new view each day? Go above and beyond and deck out this home with your ideas of what a wholesome lifestyle should be.

My favorite part of the eOne, aside from possibly running on nothing but solar energy, is the way the contrast between the interior and exterior just invites you into the habitat. Everything your eyes see is composed of wood, all except the appliances, of course.

eOne Tiny House Interior
Photo: Escape Traveler
With your home at the ready, possibly overlooking the seaside, you're awoken by the morning sun's light. With eyes half-shut, you search for a pot to make coffee, in the process knocking over a few things and waking everyone else up. Because you played the part of a walking alarm clock, you are now in charge of preparing breakfast while everyone drinks the coffee you brewed.

In 20-30 minutes, you've whipped up pancakes, scrambled eggs, a frittata, and even toast. That's all thanks to the residential-size appliances I mentioned. With the table set up on the patio and your other three guests at the ready, the meal is enjoyed while watching the rising sun. With bellies full and dishes washed, a two-hour break is needed before you start getting ready to climb some rock walls nearby. Sounds like one heck of a way to live your life.

At the end of the day, once you've dominated the local landscape, hook this beast back up to your vehicle, and with moving permits at the ready, off you go; the true beauty of tiny homes like the eOne.

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