This Tiny House Showcases Over 50 Years of Mobile Californian Design and Construction

Bolinas Guest House 7 photos
Photo: Ryan Hetzel
Bolinas Guest HouseBolinas Guest House InteriorBolinas Guest House KitchenBolinas Guest House InteriorBolinas Guest HouseBolinas Guest House Interior
What makes a mobile home so alluring? Could it be the ability to up and go whenever you feel like it? Or is it the oneness with nature that's so appealing? Whatever the reasons for loving a mobile and downsized tiny house, this next one is for the Californians in us.
Today we'll take a little mental trip through a mobile habitat called Bolinas Guest House. It's a construction designed and built by a crew straight out of California, Little House on the Trailer. If this crew doesn't sound familiar, once we're done exploring the Bolinas, you too may seek their expertise.

The company is owned by none other than Stephen Marshall, a designer that's been in the home design and construction business for over 50 years, having started his career in 1973. Over that time and countless residential programs later, we're awarded with homes like the Bolinas, a tiny house that's not so dang tiny.

For the next few minutes, I want you to imagine what your life may be like living out of such a habitat. When you find yourself in the pickup lot with this behemoth hitched behind your truck, you may end up sitting there for a few minutes examining the exterior wood cladding and slanted metallic roof. But, the little gazebo addition is something you'll need to set up after you've arrived at the trailer park on your map.

Bolinas Guest House Interior
Photo: Little House on the Trailer
Also part of the exterior, and somewhat the interior, are all the windows tattered all over the place, perfect for letting sunshine into your home-sized RV. Sure, California may not be the sunshine state, but it should; I've seen more cloudy days in Florida than in Cali.

Now, the exterior doesn't tell me much about the home except that it has two lofts, so to see what this puppy can offer, let's dive inside. The interior is the main reason why I chose to bring this project to light. Just take a moment and run through the gallery; you won't regret it.

One space I'd like to bring some attention to is the living room and its design. Because there are two lofts in the Bolinas, the living room no longer needs to be reserved as a sleeping space. With that, the manufacturer's website showcases this model with a superbly furnished living room, which is quite modern and tasteful, if you ask me.

At the opposite end of the home, another loft is present, but you'll find the bathroom and washer/dryer storage space underneath. I'm sure some more cabinetry is hidden back there, not to mention a systems closet.

Bolinas Guest House Kitchen
Photo: Ryan Hetzel
As for the central space of the Bolinas, it's mainly reserved for a dining or workspace area and a massive fully loaded kitchen. Not only is a superb balance between white paint and wood visible, but with ingenious spatial compartmentalization, the Bolinas boasts a larger kitchen than my landlocked home.

If you and your family are the adventurous kind, that living room I pointed out can be repurposed as a massive gear garage. Sure, you may need to dump some extra cash to integrate the space into the rest of the home, but oh, the wonders of drywall; it's light too. Because RVs such as these are often custom, let Little House on the Trailer know what your plans are, and I'm sure they'll do everything they can to offer you the habitat of your dreams.

At the end of the day, if the Bolinas is the sort of mobile home you'd like for yourself, you know what to do. Just make sure to be very clear about what you want so that you can get a straightforward quote as to how much you'll dish out on this park-ready mobile home.
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