This Pocket-Size House Boasts an Artsy Interior Design, Has a Full Bath and a Loft

Tiny House With an Artsy Interior 8 photos
Photo: Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube
Tiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy InteriorTiny House With an Artsy Interior
Tiny homes can offer you flexibility and freedom since they can cost so little. Depending on their size, some do not look that small, while others genuinely live up to their name. It is still amazing how people manage to fit everything inside, sometimes even a huge bath and kitchen.
Cam lives inside this tiny home, which is one of the smallest designs you can get while still having some space to make it functional. He is an artist, which can be seen anywhere you would look inside the house. Although it is a keychain size dwelling, Cam still managed to fit everything you would typically find in a traditional home.

Cam has been calling this tiny structure his home since July 2021. Since he works entirely remotely, the interior has been created especially to inspire him in his job, with lots of artwork and plants. What made him change his lifestyle was the COVID-19 pandemic. We all remember how almost everything was closed back then, including the tattoo salon he worked at. Paying the mortgage for a conventional house was an issue that he thoroughly thought about, and then the idea of buying a much more affordable but still delightful tiny home came.

The house measures 20 ft (6 m) in length, 7.5 ft (2.3 m) in width, and 14 ft (4.4 m) in height. It is parked on the land behind Cam's sister's house. The colors of the tiny home match the bigger one, including the deck area. This makes the whole assembly look like it was meant to be there. The exterior has a fantastic design due to the combination between metal sheets and Sugi panels, which are Japanese cedar wood. The wood has been charred to make it look like charcoal. However, Cam has to be careful when touching or cleaning the walls since it is quite brittle.

The deck area is larger than the house's square feet, making it a great living space in the summer. He added an L-shaped couch, a small table, and an umbrella to enjoy the warm days with friends. This deck is modular and built using individual wooden squares bolted to the main frame.

Tiny House With an Artsy Interior
Photo: Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube
The interior is full of color, plants, artwork, and a brilliant feature wall that was hand-painted. This wall begins from the living room, goes to the loft area, and stops before the French doors at the entrance. The lounge room is a stunning area to hang around while enjoying the outdoor views. It was designed with a full couch and a Samsung Frame TV, perfectly fitting the artsy aesthetic.

On the left, we find a compact but feature-rich kitchen. Although it is tiny, it has lots of prep space. It includes a U-shape counter space area and comes with a stovetop, a convection oven, a microwave, a round sink, a dishwasher, a small fridge hidden behind a cupboard, and a lift range hood that comes out from the cabinets. A cute but essential feature is the little dog's area with a dog door and a crate. If it rains outside, the house will not have mud prints everywhere. The large windows on each wall make this whole area feel much more spacious.

At the other end of the house, we find a small hallway that brings us to the bathroom. On the left, we see a wardrobe hidden inside the wall with all of Cam's clothes and a PlayStation.

Looking from the outside, you would never know that this tiny home holds a full bath that is also quite spacious. It has a full-size shower cabin, a washing and dryer combo machine, a vanity, a giant mirror, and an incinerating toilet. The bathroom is also artsy, with artwork painted on the back of the door.

Tiny House With an Artsy Interior
Photo: Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube
Accessing the loft area is quite tricky. You would have to step on the couch, the ladder on the wall, and then on a few high steps. There is a decent amount of headroom space. We find a full-size bed and lots of storage provided by two compartments at the end of the bed, two shelves inside the bedside table, and one of the steps also has additional storage. A folding table can be added to the bedside, where Cam draws tattoos for his clients on a graphic tablet.

One of the most outstanding features of this tiny house is the hanging hammock bed right next to the loft. It serves as an additional space to host guests and a reading area from where you can enjoy the night sky through the skylight.

Cam ended up paying around A$160,000 ($101,000) for this house, meaning it stands among the more expensive tiny homes. Although the price is relatively high for such a small dwelling, conventional ones in the same area would cost even four times as much. The price depends on more than just its size but also on its customizations and the materials used to construct it.

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