This Luxury Hybrid Yacht Can Be Sailed by One Person, Is Totally Self-Sufficient

Sumptuous motor yachts have been taking center stage in the last years, but there’s nothing like a sailing yacht and its charm. The great news is that today’s advanced hybrid-electric technologies can elevate sailing yachts and turn them into a cleaner, easier to manage, yet equally luxurious alternative to fuel-powered yachts.
Oceanbel 40 is a contemporary take on the classic sail yacht, with luxurious features and high performance 8 photos
Oceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yachtOceanbel 40 hybrid-electric sail yacht
After decades of experience in the boat-manufacturing world, and designing award-winning yachts (the Mirabella 40 won first prize at the 1992 Monaco Boat Show), Pekka Koskenkyla has now created the “crown jewel”, a high-performance sailing boat. Named Oceanbel 40, this sailing boat is meant to be just as comfortable, luxurious and powerful as a motor yacht, but without fuel engines, and hassle-free.

With a 131 feet (40 meters) length, Oceanbel 40 features two generators that charge a big battery pack, which powers two 250 HP/186 kW hybrid-electric motors, plus all electric systems on board. When sailing (and using wind power), the motors can act as generators and turn the propellers to charge the batteries.

The main innovation is the sail plan that can be easily maneuvered by just one person. The Oceanbel has no main sail, but two head sails (genoas) with an ingenious system that makes the boat not only easier to handle, but also faster. In addition, what is presented as a “newly invented” keel improves stability by eliminating rolling, and allows very low draft.

Beautifully designed, the Oceanbel allows all guests to enjoy a panoramic view from the saloon forward, port and starboard, with plenty of space for relaxation in the living areas, as well as the nine double cabins (six for guests and three for crew). It also features a large tender garage for multiple dinghies and water toys.

This contemporary sailboat is perfect for world cruising, too. Not only does its hybrid-electric propulsion make it independent of marinas, but it’s built with a cold storage room and a laundry room. The freezers are large enough to hold supplies that last up to months, which is great for those who want to sail to remote islands and be self-sufficient.

If sailboats are making a comeback, the “green”, luxurious Oceanbel is a perfect example of that.


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