This Imperial Star Destroyer Build Has a Swedish Twist, Lots of Explaining to Do

The only thing scarier than what some of the world's most ridiculous car mods look like is the fact there seems to be a seemingly endless supply of them. If you look in the right places, you'll find dozens showing up every day for us to laugh at, cringe, scratch our heads, and sometimes even shed a tear over the loss of what would have otherwise been a perfectly good vehicle.
Volvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star Destroyer 7 photos
Photo: Simon Summerfield via Facebook Marketplace
Volvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star DestroyerVolvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star DestroyerVolvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star DestroyerVolvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star DestroyerVolvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star DestroyerVolvo V70 XC turned into Imperial Star Destroyer
The real puzzling bit, though, is that people need to invest either time or money (and since both represent some sort of commodity that's in short supply, it doesn't really matter which one it is) for these things to even come to life, so what gives? Are they really so desperate to make the news, so to speak? Is that illusive moment in the spotlight worth all the effort? Well, if you can find the person behind this particular contraption, you can definitely ask them.

What you are looking at is a Volvo V70 XC – perhaps the very definition of "what would have otherwise been a perfectly good vehicle" – turned into an Imperial Star Destroyer. I don't know about the Force, but the Delusion is definitely strong with this one.

OK, time for a few disclaimers. First off, and perhaps most importantly, the V70 XC is far from being functional. According to the then-owner's description, it "has lost all compression and is only suitable for parts," so there's that. It's a good thing it has those thrusters at the back, or this particular Star Destroyer wouldn't get anywhere without a tow. Or a push.

Speaking of towing, good luck doing it with anything shorter than nine feet or so (about three meters). The front overhang is the main culprit for the vehicle's newly-found length of approximately 30 feet (nine meters), so whatever you use, it'll have to clear that substantial nose. Or there's always the less hassling alternative of plotting a course for Dagobah, finding Yoda, and asking him to move it "wirelessly."

This thing has obviously been done in jest, and with people building gaming PCs in the flush tank of their toilets, it doesn't even seem that radical anymore. Besides, before Tesla, the Star Wars community was probably the fiercest cults out there, so it's no wonder someone went through all the trouble of converting the Swedish station wagon into an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The fact the owner was letting go of their build for free also suggests it was nothing more than a past-time project that didn't carry any financial or even emotional weight for them. Just a junk car turned into something unexpected using probably as few cheap materials and as little work as possible. And since the Volvo V70 XC-based spaceship keeps popping up on the Internet even years after being put together suggests they were justified to do it in the first place.
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