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Disney Wish Cruise Offers the World’s Most Expensive Cocktail: The $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal

Forget about the rising costs of living, exploding gas prices, and looming recession. Disney is literally asking tourists onboard the Wish cruise to forget about all these while they sip on the world’s most expensive cocktail, at $5,000 a pop.
Disney Wish, the latest Triton-class cruise ship, sets sail for the first time on July 14, 2022 7 photos
Disney Wish cruise ship float-outDisney Wish cruise ship float-outDisney Wish cruise ship float-outDisney Wish cruise ship float-outDisney Wish cruise ship float-outDisney Wish cruise ship float-out
Disney Wish is the first in a new line of Triton-class cruise liners that Disney will introduce by 2025. Wish is scheduled to set sail on July 14, 2022, with tickets for a two-night cruise starting at well over $2,000 for the most basic package. Ahead of the launch, Wish arrived at Port Canaveral in Florida, where members of the press and special guests were invited on board for a taste of the experiences available.

Some of these experiences had already been publicized: Frozen-, and Princess and the Frog-inspired dining options, the AquaMouse watercoaster, a Marvel superhero academy for kids, and an adults-only Star Wars Bar. It’s that last entry on the list that everyone is talking about because, at the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, they’re serving a $5,000 cocktail.

It’s called the Kaiburr Crystal drink, and it costs exactly five grand? your eyes are not deceiving you. As word of this absurdly-priced cocktail got out the other day and the story went viral, people began wondering: what exactly is in a drink for it to cost this much? As it turns out, Disney is keeping it a secret, but, as you can see in the tweets available below, a few journalists were able to get some details.

The Kaiburr Crystal drink is not a drink but a drinks package with a live entertainment component. You get four drinks in total in that metallic container shown in the video, known as camtono. You don’t get to keep the camtono, but you can keep the silver-plated glasses the drinks are in. The package also includes special amenities on the ship (some kind of escort), themed wallpaper art, a water bottle, a bottle of wine from George Lucas’ Skywalker Vineyards, and a visit to Skywalker Ranch, which is located in California and is never open to the public.

As for the actual drinks, they do contain alcohol, but not enough to make you forget you’ve spent $5,000 on them. There’s a cocktail made with Camus cognac, Grand Mariner Quintessence, yuzu, and kumquat, and three shots of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23-year bourbon, Taylor’s Fladgate Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port, and Watenshi gin.

Both digital journalists Ashley Carter and Scott Gustin, present at the press unveiling of Disney Wish, note that Disney would not confirm the contents of the Kaiburr Crystal package or even its existence. Carter says that a note next to the camtono read that it contained “the most expensive drink in the galaxy,” so at least the pricing is correct.

And here we were, counting pennies to see if we could afford a short family vacation to some cheap destination.

Editor's note: Photos in the gallery show Disney Wish launching at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, in March 2022.


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