Thief Successfully Telehandles ATM in Impressive Display of Skills

We don't know about you but while driving a fast car is definitely fun, we also wouldn't say no operating some heavy construction or agricultural machinery like a harvester or something.
Telehandler ATM heist 5 photos
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Telehandler ATM heistTelehandler ATM heistTelehandler ATM heistTelehandler ATM heist
A telescopic handler isn't exactly what we have in mind since it's not that heavy, but in the absence of anything else, it would do. Especially if we had interesting things to 'telehandle' back home. Oh, I don't know, things that are literally made of money, for example.

These guys from Arkansas got to live their dream one night when they came to make a withdrawal at a bank's drive-thru area in one of these machines. Having forgotten their credit cards at home, they thought they would save some time if instead of going to fetch the plastic, they would bring the ATM back with them. It's called efficiency, and any employer would be happy to have such intrepid people working for them.

Well, assuming the police does its job, it will be a while until these guys are working for anyone as their little heist was highly successful. The machinery did its job of hoisting the cash machine out of its socket and, after some careful maneuvering around a pair of bollards, the CCTV footage shows the thieves getting away with it. What it doesn't show is then loading it on a truck and making a run for it.

When we say 'careful maneuvering,' however, we only mean those two bollards who threatened to knock the ATM off the telehandler's arms, because the roof of the drive-thru section is going to need some repairing done. We're afraid people who want to use this bank would have to get out of their cars and actually walk to the counter or other cash withdrawal machines. Aw, the horror.

Displaying the kind of cunningness that would make Sherlock Holmes fall back in awe, the police detectives on the case make the daring assumption that the two responsible for the theft work for a construction company. Either that or they graduated the 'How to handle a telehandler' intensive online course.

You'd think tracking kind of machinery would be a lot easier than finding a white Toyota Corolla, for example, but it would seem not. The Conway Police Department posted the video online and asked people to help with identifying the telescopic handler (it's a Caterpilar - there, case solved). So if you have any information, feel free to chip in.

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