Thieves Blow Up Money Transport Truck On The Highway, Dom Toretto Would Be Proud

A gang of thieves has blown up an armored truck on the highway in South Africa, making the event sound like a part of the plot from one of the Fast and Furious films.
Highway heist in Johannesburg, South Africa 5 photos
Highway heist in Johannesburg, South AfricaHighway heist in Johannesburg, South AfricaHighway heist in Johannesburg, South AfricaHighway heist in Johannesburg, South Africa
Two vehicles were used in the "job," and the police have already found them, but the search for the culprits continues. As you can see in the video embedded below, the gang took advantage of busy traffic in Johannesburg and planted explosives on a cash-in-transit truck.

The charges were detonated, and one of the explosions cause one of the vehicle's doors to fly, landing on an innocent bystander’s car.

Before planting explosive materials on the armored truck, the thieves shot the tires of the machine to slow it down. As its named describes, that truck was carrying money to an undisclosed destination.

Surprisingly, the guards in the armored vehicle and its driver were not harmed, not even after the culprits blew it up and took their guns. Except for the person who saw a truck door land on his or her vehicle, nobody else was even injured after the expertly executed heist.

Police officials have not specified the sum of money that was stolen from the truck, but several cash boxes were lifted, News24 notes. It would be hard to estimate the amount that was taken, and the banks that requested the transport have not been specified.

A quick Google search of cash-in-transit robberies shows that these events have happened before in South Africa. It is unusual for heists to go down in plain daylight, but transports like these are rarely done during the night.

Regardless of the case, there’s a possibility that this job was done with the help of insiders, who told the robbers which truck would carry enough money to be worth the effort and the risk.

Hopefully, this is the last kind of theft inspired by the Fast and Furious series, as the others involve more explosions and daring stunts that do not need to be replicated outside of the movie theater. Some NSFW language:


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