Freak Show Featuring Stunt-Performing Farm Machinery Will Hurt Your Eyes

New Holland Em Campo 7 photos
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New Holland Em Campo showNew Holland Em Campo showNew Holland Em Campo showNew Holland Em Campo showNew Holland Em Campo showNew Holland Em Campo show
Vehicles don't get more purpose-built than farm equipment. You only need to look at their names to realize it: tractor - it pulls things; harvester - it harvests the crops. There's no leeway in there, they can do one thing and one thing only.
Or is there? New Holland, one of the world's leading manufacturers of farming and construction machinery (they're the blue ones, and sometimes yellow) seems hell-bent on proving this perception wrong. And to do that, it organizes events called "En Campo" where its products do anything but what they were built to do.

As the name suggests, you won't come across these manifestations in the U.S. - they are restricted to the Brazilian market, which is a big shame. The best way you could describe what goes on there is "Top Gear Live" with farming equipment, but then we'd have to explain what "Top Gear Live" is. Or, rather, was.

Just look at it this way: there's non-stop action, plenty of stunts and pyrotechnics, and very few moments of boredom. The fact they've got tractors, diggers, and excavators performing in the arena simply means speed won't be a defining factor for the event, but does not take away any of the fun.

There are tractors jumping over fire pits, loaders driving on two wheels, a backhoe lifting on its bucket, a small tractor connected to the power coupling of a larger one as if suffering from penis captivus, a weird dancing robot (more like a man in a robot costume), a flame-spitting tractor and the mandatory fireworks.

If this is how farmers have fun, then wait just a second until I quit my job then point me to the nearest plot of arable land for sale. Just make sure it's somewhere in Brazil - you can't afford to spend too much time on the road with weeds and bugs and all that.

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