Tractor Driver Goes Medieval on Illegally Parked Cars in China

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You never think about that, but having a set of counterweights fixed in front of your vehicle is better than the mother of all bullbars when it comes to ramming other cars. Just a random thought I got after watching this clip of a tractor driver doing some sort of one-way destruction derby with a bunch of parked cars in China.
As much as we'd like to know more about what's going on there, the information is sketchy. The title of the original video talks about a "farmer," but I tend to believe that it's not the case. Yes, he's driving a tractor and yes, he's towing a trailer, but he's in the middle of a city. They could be right, and he could have just had a monstrously bad day at the market (you know, with the price of the cucumber going down and all), but I believe there's another explanation.

Considering there are some construction vehicles around, it could be that the spot was scheduled for some road works, but the people ignored the signs and parked their cars there anyway. The tractor driver (I feel like I should be using capitals when referring to him; the Tractor Driver would actually make for a cool superhero name) didn't like that, so he took it upon himself to resolve the situation.

But maybe this is just me trying to make sense out of something that clearly lacks any. You have to wonder where was the police while all this was happening, and why the hell do people tend to use their phones (and I can't highlight the meaning of that word enough) for filming instead of calling the cops these days whenever something like this is happening.

As bad as I feel for the owners of those cars, I still half-wish there was somebody there to film their reaction when they got back from wherever they were gone and saw their vehicles. I can't tell what make the red sedan is, but the white SUV appears to be a Toyota RAV4, which isn't exactly a cheap car. Not that it matters that much.

This guy, the Tractor Driver, he should quit his job right now and apply for a position at the scrapyard. He has a natural talent for turning vehicles into a conglomerate of tangled metal and plastic that would be a shame to go to waste.

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