This Kangaroo Is the Best Insurance Scammer We've Seen So Far

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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
The art of insurance scamming seems to be spreading, and we're not just talking geographically, but also biologically. If we previously thought humans were the only mammals capable of getting hit by cars on purpose in exchange for money, this video proves just how nearsighted we were.
If this footage is anything to go by, kangaroos have grown aware there's a good buck to be made out of the car collisions they were constantly involved in, so now they've started hitting the cars on purpose. This roo right here clearly mistimed his approach, coming into the road too early, and so the driver had plenty of time to brake. He almost came to a complete halt, but the kangaroo knew what it had to do, so it jumped feet-first into the vehicle's windscreen.

All jokes aside, kangaroos are a big nuisance for Australian drivers, especially at night. They are a dangerous mix of large size, heavy weight, and plenty of agility, all topped with a very unpredictable behavior. This cocktail turns them into the last thing you want to see on the side of the road when doing anything above 30 mph (about 50 km/h).

You'd think the smaller kangaroos - called wallabies - are less of a threat, but you'd be wrong. They make up for their reduced dimensions with a tendency to jump vertically whenever they feel threatened, like when a vehicle's approaching. That places them at exactly the same level as the windshield, so get ready to have the interior of your car splattered with tiny bits of glass and a scared and injured kangaroo.

If you've seen the road trains that go across the continent in Australia, you've probably noticed they look just like a war rig from the Mad Max universe. The whole front end is nothing but a massive bullbar, complete with window grates for the windshield. That's because these colossal vehicles don't even try to stop for kangaroos - or pretty much anything else - so they need to dispatch them quickly and with minimum damage. So, for his sake, I hope this kangaroo doesn't try to pull the same trick on a road train anytime soon, or it'll be his family that gets the insurance check.

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