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Thief Brags on Facebook Live About "His New Wheels," Gets Caught by Police

Stealing is wrong, and has been since people figured out the concept of property. That has not stopped many from doing it, but getting caught is a matter of time for some people.
A bike thief brags on Facebook, gets caught by police 1 photo
A 32-year-old man apparently stole a bicycle from a community center, which he then used to ride to a Walmart in Idaho. He threatened a customer of the store, and displayed a holster in his waistband while demanding money.

After fleeing the scene with an unspecified amount of money, he started a Facebook Live video of his trip on Interstate 84. Police officers were already investigating a bike theft, and they also had the description of a man with a beard and red hair, who had robbed a Walmart store.

Somehow, the officers managed to see the live video of the man, later identified as Jason Granger, who bragged about the new bike that he was riding.

He was courteous enough to thank the community center he’d just robbed. Granger noted that the institution was “pretty cool,” and he even considered the possibility of returning to take some more stuff from that place.

As Idaho Statesman notes, police officers did not disclose whether the suspect did have a gun on him when he was stopped at gunpoint. There was a possibility that he just had a gun holster on himself, and pretended to have a weapon in an attempt to trick the cashier during the robbery.

Since no amount of money in a register is worth a human’s life, it was only natural for the suspect to get every bill in the unit before leaving, without anyone counting how much they just lost.

Regardless, police officers booked him into the Elmore County Jail on two charges - burglary and attempted armed robbery. Facebook has been used by law enforcement before, and it seems like a useful tool in detecting people who suddenly become wealthy or recently acquired things that belonged to someone else.


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