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These Are the Cars Most People Are Currently Drooling Over

Owning a supercar is, for many people out there, a dream that will never come true, but on the other hand, this doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t admire the model they love using the power of the Internet.
Audi R8 tops the charts this time 6 photos
Audi R8Audi R8Audi R8Audi R8Audi R8
These people’s online searches are actually a great way to figure out the most sought-after supercars, as the search engine data can be analyzed specifically to create a chart of the top queries.

That’s exactly what Rivervale Leasing has decided to do recently, with the results providing us with quite a few surprises.

Before anything, while Rivervale Leasing says the research is focused on supercars, not all models in the charts qualify for this category. And you’ll see this in a few seconds.

First and foremost, the two most common keywords are Audi R8 and Lamborghini Urus, both with close to 22 million annual searches each. BMW i8 comes third with 18 million searches, with the same number also recorded by several other models, including Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, and Tesla Model S (for what it’s worth, this is actually the only Tesla in the charts).

Before you ask, no Bugatti so far and just one Lamborghini, and this is precisely why we said the chart doesn’t exclusively come down to supercars. In other words, the Model S is actually a more common search than a Lambo, and in many ways, this makes perfect sense because this is what people are currently looking to buy these days.

The Dodge Charger is also a top keyword with 14.6 million annual searches, followed by BMW M3 and M4, Bugatti Chiron, Kia Stinger, Lamborghini Aventador, and Porsche Taycan.

Rivervale Leasing has also created an interactive map to see the top searches per country, but overall, the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Urus are the two models leading the charts at the global level.


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