World’s Laziest Thief Falls Asleep in Audi Q7 He’s Trying to Steal Until Cops Arrive

Sometimes, things can get so absurdly bad you have no other choice but to laugh. Zoe, whose Audi Q7 was almost stolen, had not the thief fallen asleep in it in her driveway, knows all about that.
Thief slips into Audi Q7 in the driveway, falls asleep at the wheel 64 photos
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Car theft is one of the most frequent instances of property damage worldwide. There is a sense of violation and, of course, loss that comes with having your car stolen that prevents most such cases from being the subject of a joke. This one is the joke itself, because the thief fell asleep inside the vehicle, as he was trying to steal it.

The incident happened last Friday in Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands, the UK. Zoe, her husband and their kids were asleep inside the house when the wannabe thief came prowling. A community alert that had been sent out earlier that evening, warning of the presence of a car thief, had gone unnoticed by the couple, Zoe tells The Sun.

In the morning, she saw the alert and went straight to the window to check on their two cars, the Audi Q7 included. She was relieved to see them both there, in the driveway. However, minutes later, one of her boys came to her to tell her that a man was asleep at the wheel of the Audi. It was the same thief the neighbors had spotted the night before and, for whatever reason, he’d dozed off at the wheel. He did make sure, though, to load his pockets with everything he’d found inside, from headphones, money and CDs.

“We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” Zoe says. “It was scary to see the man who had broken in, but funny that he made himself comfy and dozed off.”

The owners’ predicament was whether to wake up the thief, unofficially dubbed Britain’s laziest thief, or just wait until police arrived. They opted for the latter, so that cops got the “honor” of giving him his morning greeting – no coffee, though. He seemed confused but recovered quickly, telling them that they couldn’t arrest him for theft because “I haven’t left with anything.” Accurate, but irrelevant.

He was still arrested and charged him with theft from a motor vehicle and vehicle interference.
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Editor's note: The 2019 Audi Q7 is shown in the gallery.

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